Rabbi Joshua Sherwin, LT, CHC, USN

Josh Sherwin graduated from the University of Central Florida and was ordained as a rabbi by JTS with a concentration in Jewish education in 2009. Following ordination, Rabbi Sherwin was commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade on active duty serving with the United States Navy, and was assigned to be the chaplain of Headquarters Battalion with the Second Marine Division at Camp Lejeune. Since then, he has served as the only rabbi aboard the entire installation, serving more than 100,000 marines, sailors and their families, as well as continuing to serve as the only chaplain for the 2300 marines and sailors of Headquarters Battalion. Rabbi Sherwin has deployed to Afghanistan three times, achieved the high honor Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer designation, and has earned a black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. He was also accorded the honor of dedicating the Sefer Torah aboard the U.S.S. George W. Bush aircraft carrier. He arrived at the Naval Academy in June 2012.

The daily work of delivering religious ministry at the Academy is accomplished by a dedicated team of experienced active-duty Navy chaplains, Religious Program Specialists, civilian employees, and volunteers. While the ministry is focused on the Brigade of Midshipmen, they welcome guests and visitors to the public services.

Jewish Chaplains that have served at the Naval Academy

Commander Norman Auerbach, CHC, USN (Ret.) 1985-1989
Captain Albert Slomovitz, CHC, USN (Ret.) 1989-1992
Commander Robert Feinberg, CHC, USN (Ret.) 1992-1995
Commander Jonathan Panitz, CHC, USN (Ret.) 1995-1998
Captain Irving A. Elson, CHC, USN 1998-2002 and 2005-2007
Commander Joel Newman, CHC, USN 2002-2005
Lieutenant Daniella M. Kolodny, CHC, USN 2007-2009
Lieutenant Commander Seth D. Phillips, CHC, USN 2009-2012
Lieutenant Joshua Sherwin, CHC, USN 2012-Present