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NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership School

The LDR Department supports NOLS Expeditions for the U.S. Naval Academy. NOLS courses are field-based, leadership practicums designed to support and compliment classroom leadership theory by allowing students to learn through real life leadership challenges in an austere and risk filled environment.

Current NOLS courses include a backpack expedition in Wyoming or Alaska, mountaineering expedition in Alaska, and a canoe expedition in the Yukon.

In addition to traditional NOLS expeditions, LDR is coordinating with NOLS for a future kayak expedition along the Chesapeake Bay during summer block training.

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See the NOLS/USNA video! http://vimeo.com/29127954 Or play below:

USNA Summer Training With NOLS (scholarship) from NOLS on Vimeo.

USNA/NOLS Alaskan Sea Kayaking 2013.

USNA/NOLS Alaska Mountaineering 2013.

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