Leader Development & Research

LT Tyler Bloecher, USN

Capt Mosi Smith

Instructor of Leadership
(410) 293-6032

LT Bloecher enlisted in the Navy in December 1998 as an Information Systems Technician. His previous enlisted commands include: Commander Submarine Group Ten and USS ELLIOT (DD 967). Shortly upon reporting in ELLIOT he received notification that he was selected for the STA-21 commissioning program and departed the ship in April 2003. He attended San Diego State University, where he majored in Communication, and received his commission the 16th of December 2005. He reported to USS HIGGINS in January 2006 and served as Main Propulsion Officer, Auxiliaries Officer, and Assistant Chief Engineer. He reported onboard JOHN PAUL JONES in May 2008 and served as Navigator and Administrative Officer. 

LT Bloecher transferred to shore duty in May 2009 as he entered the LEAD program at USNA. After a year of study at the University of Maryland, he graduated with a Master's of Professional Studies degree in Leadership, Education, and Development. Following graduation in 2010, he served as 17th Company Officer until May 2012. He currently serves as an Instructor in the Leadership, Ethics and Law Department at the United States Naval Academy.

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