Division of Leadership Education and Development

LEAD Program Application

New Requirement for both Navy and Marine Officers

A GRE score taken within the past five years is required as part of this years application process. However, do not allow the inclusion of your GRE score to cause your application to be submitted late. If your score has not yet posted, simply note the date the GRE was taken and ensure the timely submission of the rest of your application. Then submit your GRE score directly to the LEAD Program Director or LEAD Program Director (Marine Liaison) as soon as possible.   

New Report Date

Those selected for this program must arrive by 1 May 2015, as classes begin mid-May.  Due to the intense one year nature of this program, beginning the academic program on time in mid-May is required.

Navy Officers applying for the LEAD program need to complete the following application and submit it to their detailer, as well as, provide an additional original copy of their transcripts to the LEAD Program Director in accordance with the NAVADMIN. 

Marine Officers should comply with all requirements of the MARADMIN wrt the CCLEB and if they are interested in the LEAD Program they should complete the LEAD Program Application and send it to the LEAD Program Director (Marine Liaison).  While this application most likely will contain duplicate information that is being provided to the CCLEB through the questionnaire process, it IS NOT  a substitute for individual Marines required communication with the CCLEB IAW the MARADMIN.  Applications due to LEAD Program Director NLT 30 NOV 2014.

All correspondence to the LEAD Program Director should be sent to:
LEAD Program Director (Marine's should include (Marine Liaison) in the address line)
112 Cooper Road              

Annapolis, Maryland 21402-1305 

1.  Application (click here for application)

2.  Official Photo (click here for sample)

3.  Personal Statement - Addressing your reason for application to the lead program, how the program fits into your career goals, and your expectations of the program.  Must use Standard Naval Letter format.

4.  Biography (click here for sample)

5.  A Copy of GRE Score (taken within the last five years)

6.  Chain-of-Command Endorsement (click here for sample)

7.  Additional Letters of Recommendation - Not Required.

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