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Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about using Nimitz Library and our resources. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact the Reference Desk at 3-2420 or send e-mail to

Printing Questions

The Nimitz Library provides free printing for academic purposes as a service to the Naval Academy community.  Since resources are limited, each person is granted an allocation of 250 pages per term, with the summer blocks counting as one.  It is the responsibility of each individual to monitor his or her use of this allocation. Print jobs can only be issued from USNA-approved devices, including desktop computers in Nimitz Library and midshipman laptops. Printing is not available for those not holding a valid USNA email account. 

  1.  If I run out of pages during the term, can I buy more pages?

     Additional pages cannot be bought, but you can request an additional allocation by completing the Printing Allocation Increase Request Form.

 2.  Can someone "donate" unused pages to someone else?


 3.  If I have unused pages at the end of a term, will they roll over to the next term?

        No. Also, please be advised that the summer blocks are counted as one term.

 4. Will the printers print double-sided?

        Yes, but the command to make it double-sided is selected by the user when issuing the print command, not at the printer.

 5.  Does double-sided printing count as 1 or 2 pages?

       Depending on the number of printed sides and how many sheets of paper are used, double-sided printing may count as either 1 or 2 pages.

        For example:  4 pages printed single-sided  =  4 page allocation credits used

              4 pages printed double-sided  =  2 page allocation credits used

              5 pages printed double-sided  =  3 page allocation credits used (since 3 sheets of paper are being used)

 6.  Does Nimitz have a color printer?

        No. Color printing may be available on a restricted and/or limited basis through the MSC Graphics Technology Lab.

 7.  Which computers can I print from?

        With the exception of the 4 computers closest to the main entrance and the catalog terminals on the Second and Third floors, all the desktop computers in Nimitz Library can be used to issue print jobs.

         Web Printing is available only for USNA issued devices. The link on the Library's home page allows you to issue single-sided or double-sided print jobs.

        Once the print job has been sent, you must come to one of the Print Release stations located on the First floor of the Library to retrieve your jobs. Jobs will be held in the queue for 90 minutes before being deleted.      

 8.  How do I print a web page using Web Print?

        To print a web page, open it in Chrome, issue the command (CTRL + P) to print the page but select SAVE TO PDF as your printer. Once your web page is saved as a PDF you can upload it in Web Print. See these step-by-step instructions for more details.

 9.  I still have pages in my allocation, but I get a message that the print job is denied.

        Check to see that you only have letter-size (8 1/2 x 11) pages.  Legal or A4 paper (common in Europe) cannot be printed.  You must first use the "scale to fit" print command (at least in Word).

Can I access the Library’s resources from off the Yard?
The Library’s catalog is available to everyone from any location.  Some electronic resources such as government documents and items in the Internet Archive are freely accessibly to everyone.  The majority of the Nimitz Library databases and e-books, however, are licensed only for use on the Yard.  Current USNA faculty, midshipmen, and staff should contact a reference librarian for additional information on remote access prior to leaving the Yard.
I am not affiliated with the Academy. Can I use your library?
Visitor’s may use the Nimitz Library for research.  Please see the Visitors Policy for details.  Note that personal devices cannot connect to the wireless system in the Library, no unapproved external device (flash/thumb drives, external hard drives, etc.) can be attached to a Library computer and no printing is available from the Library’s computers.
Where can I get military service records for a veteran?
The Nimitz Library does not maintain the service records for veterans, even USNA graduates.  Most 20th century records can be requested from the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) in St, Louis.  Earlier records are located in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.  The dates of records at each location for each branch of the military can be found at
Where can I get information from the Academy’s yearbook (the Lucky Bag)?

The Lucky Bags from 1894 to 1970 have been digitized and are freely available through the Nimitz Library Digital Collections page or the Internet Archive.  Information from later editions can be requested at .

How can get information about a midshipman’s career at USNA?
Basic Information (class rankings, courses taken, etc.) can be found in two digitized publications: the Official Register of the United States Naval Academy and the Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy, which taken together cover the years 1858 to 1970.  They are also freely available on the Internet Archive.  Other information might be available from the institutional archives and can be requested at . NOTE:  Personal information cannot be released until 62 years after an individual’s separation from the service without a notarized letter granting permission.  Also, fees for duplication might be assessed.
Can you send me information about John Paul Jones?
The Nimitz Library has digitized two collections on John Paul Jones which are freely available.  The Paul Weiss Papers deal mostly with the recovery of Jones’s body in 1905, while two letters, one from George Washington to Jones and the other written by Jones himself.  Other materials may be found in the Nimitz Library catalog.  Circulating items may be requested through Interlibrary Loan from a local library. 
Additional materials can be found on the Internet Archive.
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