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Bibliographies identify sources on a subject and can be very helpful and time saving in history research.  Always check for bibliographies in the books or articles you use.  In addition, listed here are examples of specialized bibliographies which may be useful. 

  • Printed Bibliographies
    • While the ones below are in Reference, many bibliographies are in the general collection and can be checked out.


An author, Myron Smith, has compiled a series of bibliographies on naval history, organized through chronological time periods as follows.  This set can be extremely helpful for many naval heritage topics.

Bibliographies by Myron Smith
Title Call Number

American Naval History Bibliography Series  

  • Vol. 1:  Navies in the American Revolution
  • Vol. 2:  The American Navy, 1789-1860
  • Vol. 3:  American Civil War Navies
  • Vol. 4:  The American Navy, 1865-1918
  • Vol. 5:  The American Navy, 1918-1941

Ref E182.S575

World War II At Sea: A Bibliography of Sources in English 

  • Vol. 1:  The European Theater
  • Vol. 2:  The Pacific Theater
  • Vol. 3:  General Works, Naval Hardware, and the All Hands Chronology

Ref D770.S52 1976

World War II At Sea: A Bibliography of Sources in English, 1974-1989      

Ref D770.S53

The United States Navy and Coast Guard, 1946-1983

Ref VA58.4.S65


BATTLES AND WARS (excluding World War II, listed below)
Title Call Number

America and the Indochina Wars, 1945-1990: A Bibliographic Guide

Ref DS550.B78 1992

A Bibliography of the United States Navy and the Conflict in Southeast Asia, 1950-1975

Ref DS557.A6M346 1991

The Inchon Landing, Korea, 1950: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref DS918.2.I5E3 1994

Iraq Wars Bibliography, by Edwin Moise, Clemson University  

The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref DS918.E36 1998

Korean War Naval Operations: A Bibliography  

The Pusan Perimeter, Korea, 1950: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref DS919.E39 1993

Riverine Warfare in Vietnam (1946-1973): A Select Bibliography  

The Spanish-American War: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref E715.V46 1990

The Spanish-American War: Historical Overview and Select Bibliography

Ref E725.C73 1998

The United States in the Vietnam War, 1954-1975

Ref DS558.P43 1986

United States Naval Forces in Desert Shield and Desert Storm: A Select Bibliography

Ref DS79.72.B76 1993

Vietnam War Bibliography, by Richard Jensen, University of Illimois  
Vietnam War Bibliography, by Edwin Moise, Clemson University  

The War of 1812: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref E354.S65 1985

The War of the American Revolution

Ref E208.B55 1984

The Wars in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, 1945-1982: A Bibliographic Guide

Ref DS557.7.B8 1984

World War I in the Air: A Bibliography and Chronology

Ref D600.S55


Title Call Number

British Military History (A Supplement to The Guide to the Sources of British Military History)

Ref DA50.H54 suppl

British Naval History Since 1815

Ref DA70.R37 1990

English/British Naval History to 1815 Ref DA 70 .R375 2004

A Guide to the Sources of British Military History

Ref DA50.H54


Title Call Number

Battleships and Battle-cruisers, 1884-1984

Ref V815.S64 1985

Ships: A Navy Bibliography  
Somers' Mutiny: A Selected Bibliography  

U. S. Aircraft Carriers: A Bibliography

Ref V874.3.L69 1986

U. S. Submarines: A Bibliography Ref V858.L69 1986
U.S.S. Constitution: A Select Bibliography  
U.S.S. Jeannette Bibliography  


Title Call Number
American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature (online edition is 2007) Ref E183.7.G8 2003

American Historical Association’s Guide to Historical Literature (2 vols.)

Ref D20.A55 1995

Books About Early America: 2001 Titles

Ref E188.A495 1989

Revolutionary America, 1763-1789: A Bibliography (2 vols.)

Ref E208.G46 1984

United States History: A Selective Guide to Information Sources

Ref E178.B57 1994


Title Call Number

An Annotated Bibliography of U. S. Marine Corps History

Ref VE146.C66 1986

Creating a Legend

Ref VE23.M63

U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2003: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography DS79.76.U27 2006
U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2004-2008: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography (also pdf link to the full-text from the library catalog) DS79.76.U272 2010


Title Call Number

American Military History: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources

Ref E181.B54 2009

American Naval History: A Guide

Ref E182.C653 2000

Great White Fleet: A Select Bibliography  

A Guide to the Sources of United States Military History (1 vol., plus 4 suppl.)

Ref Z1249.M5G83

Matthew C. Perry and the Opening of Japan: A Select Bibliography  
Shipboard Life in the U.S. Navy, 1775-1899: A Select Bibliograpy  
United States Naval History: A Bibliography E182.U5869 (Ref or general collection)

Women in the United States Military, 1901-1995: A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography

Ref UB418.W65F75 1996


Title Call Number
The Battle of Midway: A Bibliography (From the Naval Postgraduate School) Ref D774.M5 H89 2007

Battles of Coral Sea and Midway, 1942: A Selected Bibliography

Ref D774.C63S5628 1991

Battle of Iwo Jima: A Select Bibliography  

The Central Pacific Campaign, 1943-1944: A Bibliography

Ref D767.9.W8C66 1990

Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II  
Great Stories of World War II: An Annotated Bibliography of Eyewitness War-Related Books Written and Published Between 1940 and 1946 Book Stacks D739.C55 2007
Index to Contemporary Articles of the World War II Era, 1939-1949 Ref D 743 .B44 2005

Pearl Harbor, 1941: A Bibliography

Ref D767.92.S65 1991

The War Against Japan, 1941-1945: An Annotated Bibliography

Ref D767.9.S27 1989

World War II and Its Origins: A Select Annotated Bibliography of Books in English

Ref D743.B56

World War II in Asia and the Pacific and the War’s Aftermath with General Themes

Ref D767.W67 1998

World War II in Europe, Africa and the Americas with General Themes

Ref D743.42.W67 1997

World War II: The European and Mediterranean Theaters

Ref D756.S547 1984

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