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Primary Sources:

NOTE:  The following is a partial list of 18th and 19th century history titles available in Nimitz Library.  Check the Library Catalog or ask a librarian for assistance in locating other titles.

Both Poole’s Index back to 1802 and 19th Century Readers’ Guide are in print on Reference Table 2.  Using these indexes will help you identify specific articles in these journals. Readers' Guide Retrospective is an index going back to 1890 for identifying magazine articles, but it is not completely full-text. JSTOR is a full-text interdisciplinary electronic database of scholarly journals, some going back to the 19th century.

American Historical Review 1895-present Bound and Web 1895 to present In JSTOR
American Missionary   Web 1878-1901  
American Philosophical Society Proceedings 1838-present Bound    
American Philosophical Society Transactions 1789-1853 Special Coll.    
American Whig Review   Web 1845-1852  
Analetic Magazine 1812-1820 Special Coll.    
Appleton’s Journal 1871-1875 Bound and Web 1869-1881 In Poole’s Index
Army and Navy Chronicle 1835-1844 Special Coll.    
Army and Navy Journal 1863-1950 Microfilm and Special Coll.    
Army and Navy Magazine 1880-1888 Special Coll.    
Army and Navy Register (title varies) 1879-1964 Bound and Microfilm    
Asiatic Society of Japan Transactions 1872-1940 Microfilm    
Atlantic Monthly 1857-present Bound, Microfilm, Web 1857-1901 In Poole’s Index and others
Bay State Monthly   Web 1884-1886  
Blackwood’s Magazine 1817-1980 Bound 1843-1863 In Poole’s Index
Broad Arrow (including Naval & Military Gazette) 1872-1917 Special Coll.    
Catholic World 1866-1971 Microfilm and Web 1865-1901 In Poole’s Index
Century Magazine 1881-1930 Bound and Web 1881-1899 In Poole’s Index
Chautauquan 1880-1914 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
China Review 1872-1901 Microfiche    
Chinese Recorder 1897-1941 Microfilm   Index in Microform Room
Christian Herald and Seamans Magazine 1816-1824 Microfilm    
Contemporary Review 1871-1983 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Continental Monthly   Web 1862-1864  
Cosmopolitan 1886-1925 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Critic 1828-1829; 1881-1906 Bound and Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Critical Review 1756-1762 Special Coll.    
De Bows Review 1850-1880 Microfilm and Web 1846-1869 and 1952 index In Poole’s Index
Dial 1880-1929 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Douglass Monthly 1859-1863 Bound    
Eclectic Magazine 1856-1875 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Edinburgh Philosophical Journal 1819-1864 Bound and Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Edinburgh Review 1802-1929 Bound and Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
English Illustrated Magazine 1883-1901 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Every Saturday 1871-1874 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Fortnightly Review 1871-1954 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Forum 1886-1909; 1926-1940 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Franklin Institute Journal 1826-present Bound   In Poole’s Index
Fraser’s Magazine 1872-1882 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Galaxy 1866-1877 Microfilm, Bound, Web 1866-1878 In Poole’s Index
Garden and Forest   Web 1888-1897  
Gentleman’s Magazine 1731-1866 Bound 1731-1750 In Poole’s Index
Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine 1854-1882; 1892-1898 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Graphic 1869-1932 Bound    
Harper’s Magazine (Harper’s Monthly and Harper's New Monthly Magazine) 1850-present Bound and Web 1850-1899 In Poole’s Index
Harper’s Weekly 1857-1916 Microfilm   In 19th Century Readers’ Guide
Historical Magazine 1857-1875 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Illustrated American 1890-1897 Bound    
Illustrated London News 1856-2003 Bound    
Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine 1884-1890 Bound    
Independent (NY) 1892-1928 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
International Monthly Magazine   Web 1850-1852  
Journal of Hellenic Studies 1880-present (incomplete) Bound   In Poole’s Index
Journal of the United States Artillery 1892-1918 Bound    
Knickerbocker Magazine 1833-1865 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Ladies Repository   Web 1841-1876  
Liberator 1831-1865 Microfilm    
Life (NY) 1883-1931 Bound    
Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine 1868-1900 Microfilm and Bound   In Poole’s Index
Literary Digest 1890-1938 Microfilm and Bound    
Living Age 1844-1941 Bound and Web 1844-1900 In Poole’s Index
London & Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine 1832-present Bound    
Macmillan’s Magazine 1871-1907 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Magazine of American History 1887-1893 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Manufacturer and Builder   Web 1869-1894  
McClure’s Magazine 1894-1914 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review 1839-1860 Special Coll.    
Military Service Institution of the United States Journal 1879-1911 (incomplete) Special Coll.   In Poole’s Index
Monthly Anthology and Boston Review 1803-1811 Special Coll.    
Munsey’s Magazine 1891-1929 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Nation 1865-present Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
National Geographic Magazine 1888-present Bound   In Poole’s Index
National Magazine (formerly Bostonian) 1894-1933 Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
Nautical Gazette 1871-1953 Bound    
Naval and Military Gazette 1872-1886 (incomplete) Special Coll.    
Naval Chronicle 1799-1818 Bound and Special  Coll.    
Naval Magazine 1836-1837 Special Coll.   In Poole’s Index
Navy and Army Illustrated 1895-1903 Special Coll.    
New England Historical and Genealogical Record 1874-1879 Bound   In Poole’s Index
New England Magazine (Boston)   Web 1831-1835, 1886-1900  
New Englander   Web 1843-1892  
New Outlook 1870-1935 Microfilm    
Niles Register 1811-1849 Microfiche and Special Coll.   In Poole’s Index
Nineteenth Century 1877-1950 Bound   In Poole’s Index
North American Review 1815-present Bound and Web 1815-1900 In Poole’s Index
North British Review 1851-1870 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Notes and Queries 1849-present Microfilm and Bound 1849-1869  
Old Guard   Web 1863-1867  
Overland Monthly 1868-1935 Microfilm, Bound, Web 1868-1900 In Poole’s Index
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 1877-1906; 1967-1982 Microfilm and Bound   In Poole’s Index
Pennsylvanian 1846-1853 Microfilm    
Penny Magazine 1832-1840 Special Coll.   In Poole’s Index
Philosophical Magazine 1798-1832 Bound    
Princeton Review 1878-1884 Microfilm and Web 1830-1882 In Poole’s Index
Punch 1861-1938 (incomplete) Bound    
Punchinello   Web 1870  
Putnam's Monthly   Web 1853-1870  
Quarterly Review 1809-1967 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Review of Reviews 1890-1937 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, Transactions 1786-1860 Bound    
Royal Military Chronicle 1810-1816 Special Coll.    
Royal United Service Institution Journal (title varies) 1857-present Bound    
Sailor’s Magazine 1828-1892 Special Coll.    
Saturday Review 1871-1917 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Scientific American   Web 1846-1869  
Scribner’s Magazine 1887-1939 Bound and Web 1887-1896 In Poole’s Index
Scribner’s Monthly 1870-1881 Bound and Web 1870-1881 In Poole’s Index
Sewanee Review 1892-present Microfilm and Bound   In Poole’s Index
Southern Historical Society Papers 1876-1959 Bound   In Poole’s Index
Southern Literary Messenger 1834-1864 Microfilm and Web 1834-1864 plus 1936 Contributor Index In Poole’s Index
Southern Quarterly Review   Web 1842-1857  
Spectator 1871-present Bound and Microfilm   In Poole’s Index
United Service 1879-1905 (incomplete) Bound   In Poole’s Index
United Service Gazette 1881-1896 (incomplete) Bound    
United Service Magazine 1829-1920 Bound   In Poole’s Index
United States Magazine and Democratic Review (United States Democratic Review) 1837-1851 Special Coll. and Web 1837-1859  
United States Naval Institute Proceedings 1874-present Bound and Microfilm   Has its own index
United States Service Magazine 1864-1866 Special Coll.   In Poole’s Index
Vanity Fair   Web 1860-1862  
Virginia Historical Register 1848-1853 Bound    
Westminster Review 1866-1913 Bound   In Poole’s Index
William and Mary Quarterly (title varies) 1892-present Bound and Web 1892 to present In JSTOR
Woolwich England Royal Artillery Institution Minutes 1858-1902 (incomplete) Bound    

Periodical Collection

The American Periodical Series is a collection of early periodicals on microfilm.  Individual magazine titles are listed in the Library Catalog.  Use the catalog record or the printed index guide to note the reel number of your title.  The 18th century part of this collection is 33 reels and is filed in the cabinets under American Periodical Series.

Ask a librarian to help you find articles and use these collections.

The links on this page are to sites that are not located at the United States Naval Academy. The USNA is not responsible for the content found on these sites. In addition, the content of these sites does not necessarily reflect the opinions, standards, policy or endorsement of the Naval Academy or the United States Government.

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