Visitors Policies

The Naval Academy's Nimitz Library is funded and staffed to provide library collections and other services to the Academy's midshipmen, faculty, and staff. From time to time other individuals seek to make use of the Library's materials and other resources, and we often extend them this courtesy on a limited basis.

It is the Nimitz Library's policy that individuals entering the Library who are visitors - that is, not midshipmen, faculty, or staff of the Naval Academy - must sign in at the Circulation Desk on each visit, and provide the information requested on the sign-in sheet as well as a photo I.D.

While visitors are often permitted to visit the Library and use our resources on-site, our midshipmen, faculty, and staff have top priority for all material, seating, computer use, and staff assistance. Our mission is to support the students' education and the faculty's classroom and research needs.

After 6 p.m. each day, the Library is restricted to midshipmen, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty; to the escorted guests of individuals in any of these groups; and to others who have a letter of authorization from the Library administration. At any time, unaccompanied children must be at least 14 years of age to visit the Library, and must sign in.

Visitors are expected to respect the rules of the Nimitz Library and to maintain a quiet atmosphere to research and study. Visitors who do not sign in may be asked to do so and to provide identification or leave the premises; those whose behavior is disruptive will be asked to leave the premises and not return.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Dave Dudek, Head of Access Services, Nimitz Library, at 410-293-6943 or