Food & Drink Policy  


  • Effective January 2005 you may now eat light snacks in any public space in the Nimitz Library, except for these FOOD FREE ZONES:
    • Special Collections & Archives,
    • Library Instruction Rooms 105 and 108, and
    • when using the Library's laptop computers.
  • You may drink from covered containers (water bottles, coffee cups with lids, soda cans and anything reclosable), except:
    • in Special Collections & Archives, and
    • when using the Library's laptop computers.


The Nimitz Library is committed to providing information in a learning environment that meets the intellectual and physical needs of library patrons.  This commitment includes preserving the library collections and equipment, maintaining a pest-free building and damage-free furnishings, and ensuring a clean environment for studying and working, while acknowledging that consuming a beverage and eating a light snack (no pizza, sandwiches or meals) might make your library visit more pleasant and productive.

In response to patron requests, the Library relaxed its Food and Drink Policy to allow for light snacks to be eaten while in the building.  We will continue to evaluate and modify as needed.

The key to success will be the willingness of library patrons to:

  • be responsible with food they bring into the Library (e.g., light snacks do not include pizza, sandwiches or other meals).
  • clean up after themselves.  We are adding new trash and recycle containers to assist with this initiative.
  • report drink spills and other problems to the Library staff so we can arrange for appropriate cleanup.

Thank you for helping us care for your Nimitz Library!

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