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Library Policies

This page contains information about the policies and procedures for midshipmen, staff, faculty and visitor use of the library.

Food and Drink
  • You may eat snacks in any public space in the Nimitz Library, except in Special Collections & Archives,
  • You may drink from covered containers (water bottles, coffee cups with lids, soda cans and anything reclosable), except in Special Collections & Archives

Gifts of Books and Other Material for the General Collection

Gifts are an important part of the Nimitz Library's collection-building process. Proposed gifts are accepted when they will clearly enhance the Library's collection.

Gifts selected for inclusion in the Library's general collection must meet the same criteria as materials selected for purchase, as outlined in the Library's Collection Management Policy. In addition, gifts must be in good, usable condition. Potential donors should submit a list of titles in advance, designating any that are non-book formats, so that the Library may check this list against its holdings and determine whether or not the gift is needed before the items arrive at the Library.

In keeping with professional guidelines and Federal law, the Library does not provide appraisals of materials for donors. A list of qualified appraisers is maintained by the Library and names are available upon request; appraisals are done at the donor's expense. Donors assume responsibility for bringing, or arranging to have brought, gift materials to the Library's loading dock; the Naval Academy does not normally provide transportation for gifts.Gifts are acknowledged by letter. Under certain circumstances, gifts may be gift-plated as the donor requests.

Gifts are accepted for the Library's collections with the understanding that they become the property of the Federal Government, to be used as determined by the Library. When gifts are not added, or are no longer needed, they are forwarded to the Library of Congress. The Library cannot house a donor's library separately from its general collections, nor is acceptance of a gift an assurance of permanent retention.

For additional information, contact the Head of Collection Development, Larry Clemens, at 410-293-6926 or email


Gifts of funds are handled by the Naval Academy Alumni Association; the Library cannot and does not accept money directly. All such donations are appreciatively acknowledged, and items purchased with gift funds may be gift-plated as the donor stipulates. For more information on monetary gifts, please contact CAPT Bob Hofford, USN (Ret.), United States Naval Academy Alumni Association 410-293-1961.

Laptop Loans and Rules for Use


USNA Midshipmen, Faculty, Staff, and dependents with appropriate USNA ID are eligible to check out a laptop from the Nimitz Library Circulation Desk for in-house use only.

Rules for Use

  • Laptops circulate for three hours at a time. They may be renewed twice if no other patron is waiting for one. If a laptop is checked out within three hours of the Library’s closing, the laptop must be returned no later than thirty minutes before closing.
  • Laptops may not be checked out overnight. They may not be removed from the Nimitz Library or taken to non-Library spaces on the ground floor of the building.
  • Do not leave a laptop unattended.
  • Saving files – Files saved to the hard drive are erased after each use of the laptop. To preserve personal files for future use, you must save them to a floppy diskette or CD-RW.  As a reminder, flash drives are not permitted.
  • Do not install additional software on the laptops.


Instructions for connecting to the USNA wireless network, usna-wap, are available at both the Reference and Circulation desks in Nimitz Library. For further assistance or to report and hardware or software malfunctions, please contact Library staff.

Logging onto the Wireless Network

The strongest connection to the wireless network is in the Reference Area of the first floor in Nimitz Library – along the parking lot windows, and in the Recreational Reading area by the front elevator.

Loan Policy
Borrowing of Nimitz Library materials is limited to USNA midshipmen, staff, faculty and selected others. For more information on loan periods, borrowing eligibility, reserving materials for your course (Faculty only) and replacing missing items, please visit the Check Out and Renew section.
Printing Policy

The Nimitz Library provides free printing for academic purposes as a service to the Naval Academy community. Since resources are limited, each person is granted an allocation of 250 pages per term, with the summer blocks counting as one. It is the responsibility of each individual to monitor his or her use of this allocation. At this time, only Nimitz Library desktop computers can be used to issue print jobs. Printing is not available for those not holding a valid USNA email account.

You can learn more about printing in Nimitz in our Frequently Asked Questions.
Reserving Library Rooms

Nimitz Library has one room (NI 108) equipped with 23 computers for hands-on instruction. These computers carry the standard suite of software provided by USNA's Information Technology Services Division (ITSD), along with some specialized software for use by midshipmen. Additional software may not be installed without permission from the Library. The primary purpose of this room is to provide a facility in which librarians conduct hands-on classes for midshipmen in research methods and use of the Library's extensive electronic resources. When not in use for library instruction purposes the room serves as an open lab and is heavily used by midshipmen. In order to preserve needed access to computers and the specialized software by midshipmen, use of this room as a meeting place for regularly scheduled classes or non-library training during the academic terms is generally not permitted.

Group study rooms, located on the second and third floors of the Nimitz Library, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. At times group study rooms may be reserved for class use during the day. Semester assignments to individual faculty study rooms are available for faculty members who have a special need to do library-related research. Faculty studies are assigned by the Library Director. As they are in high demand, a waiting list is maintained.

USB Drives

Use of thumb drives (also known as flash or jump drives) is suspended.

This restriction applies to the entire USNA Network.

Please use your Google Drive. CDs and DVDs are also permissible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


The Naval Academy's Nimitz Library is funded and staffed to provide library collections and other services to the Academy's midshipmen, faculty, and staff. From time to time other individuals seek to make use of the Library's materials and other resources, and we often extend them this courtesy on a limited basis.

It is the Nimitz Library's policy that individuals entering the Library who are visitors - that is, not midshipmen, faculty, or staff of the Naval Academy - must sign in at the Circulation Desk on each visit, and provide the information requested on the sign-in sheet as well as a photo I.D.

While visitors are often permitted to visit the Library and use our resources on-site, our midshipmen, faculty, and staff have top priority for all material, seating, computer use, and staff assistance. Our mission is to support the students' education and the faculty's classroom and research needs.

After 6 p.m. each day, the Library is restricted to midshipmen, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty; to the escorted guests of individuals in any of these groups; and to others who have a letter of authorization from the Library administration. At any time, unaccompanied children must be at least 14 years of age to visit the Library, and must sign in.

Visitors are expected to respect the rules of the Nimitz Library and to maintain a quiet atmosphere to research and study. Visitors who do not sign in may be asked to do so and to provide identification or leave the premises; those whose behavior is disruptive will be asked to leave the premises and not return.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Nicholas Brown, Nimitz Library, at 410-293-6943 or

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