Citing Your Sources

Nimitz Library Research Guide

The Nimitz Library guide to Citation/Style Guides provides information on and links to print and electronic resources for various styles of citing information.  These cover the most commonly accepted style guides, but there could be additional styles required by your instructor.  If you have difficulty determining which citation style to use, consult your instructor.  The Reference Librarians can also assist in finding examples of how specific materials might be cited using different styles.

Why and How to Cite

This brief YouTube video [transcripts] from the University of Illinois Library provides insight into why authors should cite their sources, as well as help in how to cite them.

A Word of Warning

Many online databases and journals now provide the option to automatically generate citations in specific formats, such as Chicago, MLA or APA.  This can even be done while creating a document in Microsoft Word.  While it might be tempting to use this feature alone, never forget that this is being done by a computer so mistakes are often made.  Citations generated this way might be a good start but should always be checked against the full style manuals or guides provided online or in print by the library