Authorization for Feydt to wear two Service Chevrons, 1919
Authorization for Feydt to wear two Service Chevrons, 1919.

Guide to the Herman George Feydt Papers, 1917-1922

MS 405

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Prepared by: Liz Coelho

May 2010

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2.5 linear inches.
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Biographical Sketch

A member of the U.S. Naval Reserve Force, Herman George Feydt was mobilized on June 27, 1917. He served as a Boatswain’s Mate aboard the subchaser Nahma and acted as the ship’s mail clerk, though he may not have been fully authorized to do so. In January of 1918 Feydt requested examination for nomination to the Ensigns Reserve Force, which would have required an 18-month training course at the U.S. Naval Academy. Though he received the commanding officer’s strong recommendation and passed the Board of Medical Examiners review, he did not receive approval to attend the training.

From July 1919 through March 1920 Feydt served as mail clerk for Lafayette Radio Station, Croux d’ Hins, France.

Feydt owned an automobile business in Waterbury, Connecticut and was active in civic and business organizations in Waterbury and Bridgeport, including the Rotary Club and the American Legion.

Scope and Content Note

The Herman George Feydt Papers, comprising 2.5 linear inches of documents, primarily spans Feydt’s life from 1917 through 1922, a period in which he served aboard the Nahma and in France. It details his unsuccessful efforts to join the Ensigns Reserve Force, his activity as a mail clerk both on the Nahma and at Lafayette Radio Station in France, and his participation in civic organizations and home front morale efforts. These include Liberty Bond appeals, the Red Cross, the Rotary Club, the American Legion and the Masons.

Series Descriptions

The Feydt Papers are organized into ten series based on duty station and document type. OFFICIAL ORDERS consists of mobilization orders. USS NAHMA consists of an article on the Nahma, copies of the poem "The Ballad of the Nahma", a bridge watchstander’s instruction letter, documents concerning mail clerk authorization, and documents pertaining to Feydt’s nomination to the Ensigns Reserve Force. LAFAYETTE RADIO STATION contains documents pertaining to the transfer of government property and the purchase of stamps. AWARDS contains documents on Feydt’s service awards. HOME FRONT AND MORALE contains Liberty Bond Drive appeals, newspaper clippings on the Red Cross and a bawdy poem about the composition of German munitions. CIVILIAN AFFILIATIONS contains copies of “The Legionnaire” and letters regarding membership in various civic and fraternal organizations. CORRESPONDENCE contains a letter of introduction written on Feydt’s behalf, a personal letter from the president of the Waterbury, Connecticut Rotary Club and several letters from girlfriends. FINANCIAL contains banking statements. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is comprised of an article on a German wireless station at Nauen, and PHOTOGRAPHS includes pictures of radio towers in France and informal pictures of family and friends.

Container List

Box Folder  
1 Official Orders, 1917

Mobilization orders. Telegram dated June 26, 1917, and official orders dated June 27, 1917 from Third Naval District Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York. Admission card for S.S. New York.

2 USS Nahma Pictorial and Ballad, 1917

Full page pictorial from The New York American of USS Nahma, dated August 25, 1917. One carbon copy and three printed cards of "Ballad of the Nahma" by R.D. France, USN.

3 USS Nahma Watchstander's Instruction Letter, Mail Clerk Authorization, and Liberty Chits, 1917

Nahma bridge watchstander’s instruction letter, dated November 24, 1917. Documents concerning Feydt’s status as a mail clerk, dated August 1917 through March 1918. Liberty chits dated February 3, 1918 and April 18, 1918.

4 Board of Medical Examiners Recrod of Proceedings for Ensign Reserve Force Nomination, 1918

Proceedings for Ensigns Reserve Force nomination, dated January 7, 1918.

5 Ensign Reserve Force Request, Request for Examination, and Commanding Officer's Letter of Recommendation, 1918

Request by Feydt for examination for Ensigns Reserve Force, dated January 4, 1918. Command request for examination, dated February 18, 1918. Commanding Officer’s recommendation, dated March 13, 1918.

6 Transfer of Government Property and Stamp Purchase, 1919-1920

Documents concerning transfer of government property and purchase of stamps.

7 Leave Request, Liberty Pass, 1919

Feydt leave request, dated December 9, 1919. Liberty pass.

8 Awards, 1919-1920

War Service Chevron, January 17, 1919, Victory Medal, November 13, 1920.

9 Poem on Munitions Manufacture, 1918-1920

Doggerel poem on the use of ladies’ urine in the German manufacture of munitions.

10 Liberty Bond Appeals, 1918-1920

Two Liberty Bond Drive appeals entitled "Princes or People?" and "German Efficiency."

11 Red Cross Material, 1918-1920

Newspaper clipping on Red Cross parade. Clipping on Red Cross with quote by Feydt. Cartoon featuring Mrs. Al Odell (sister).

12 Copies of "The Legionnaire Paris Post No. 1," 1922

Copies of "The Legionnaire Paris Post No. 1" dated March 1-15, March15-31, May 15, and September 1, all 1922.

13 Correspondence on Civic Affiliations, 1918-1920

Letter regarding dues from American Legion Paris Post No. 1, dated September 18, 1920. Meeting invitation from Masons, dated May 18, 1918. Red Cross certificate of membership, 1918.

14 Business Cards, 1918-1922

Business cards from Connecticut and France (10).

15 Correspondence, 1917-1918

Letter of introduction from W.W. Holmes to Captain Frank W. Kellogg, USN, on behalf of Feydt, dated Aril 14, 1917. Letter to Feydt from George S. Green, Waterbury, CT Rotary Club president, with news of self and mutual friends, dated February 16, 1918.

16 Correspondence, 1919

Letter on heart-shaped papers, from "Ruth." Two letters from "Janet," dated September 3 and September 4, 1919, the first accusing him of not caring, the second apologizing for the first.

17 Wedding Announcement, 1918

Announcement of the marriage of Ethel Dasie Skinner to Dr. Edward Bartlett Allen.

18 Telegrams, 1919-1920

Two telegrams regarding travel arrangements.

19 Banking Statements, 1917-1920
20 Scientific American October 18, 1919 - German Wireless Station, 1919

Article on German wireless station at Nauen from October 18, 1919 issue.

21 Photographs - France, 1919-1920

Radio Towers in France (4), unidentified French dignitaries (1), Cathedral at Rheims (2).

22 Photographs - Family and Friends, ca. 1917-1922