Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey, 1913-2007.
Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey, 1913-2007.

Guide to the Eugene B. Fluckey Papers, 1944-2003

MS 393

A collection in the
Special Collections & Archives Department,
Nimitz Library

Naval Academy Seal

United States Naval Academy
589 McNair Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5029

Prepared by: David D'Onofrio

October 2008

Descriptive Summary

The Eugene B. Fluckey Papers were donated to the Special Collections and Archives Department by Margaret Fluckey. Accession No. 08-11.
5.3 linear feet.
Access to the Eugene B. Fluckey Papers is unrestricted.
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Biographical Chronology

1913 Born October 5 in Washington, DC to Isaac Newton and Louella Snowden Fluckey.
1930 In September, enrolls in Washington DC's Columbian Preparatory School.
1931 In February, achieves top scores on the United States Naval Academy entrance exams.
In June, arrives at the United States Naval Academy for plebe summer.
1935 On June 6, graduates from the United States Naval Academy, ranked 107 out of 464 midshipmen.
1936 Is stationed aboard the battleship, U.S.S. Nevada.
Is transferred to the destroyer, U.S.S. McCormick.
1938 Attends Submarine School, New London/Groton, Connecticut.
Promoted to Lieutenant.
In December, is assigned to submarine S42, operating out of Panama.
1941 On June 11, is transferred to U.S.S. Bonita as engineering and diving officer.
1942 Mid-summer, is designated for naval engineering instruction at the United States Naval Academy until November 1943.
1943 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Sent to Prospective Commanding Officers' School.
c. November, is posted to U.S.S. Barb as Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO).
1944 In March, is promoted to Commander.
On April 28, assumes command of U.S.S. Barb.
On September 17, Barb rescues fourteen Australian and British Prisoners of War following the sinking of a prisoner transport ship.
In September, Barb sinks the Japanese aircraft carrier Unyo.
1945 On March 23, is awarded the Medal of Honor.
On April 10, is awarded a Gold Star in lieu of an additional Navy Cross.
On June 22, Barb launches a rocket attack on the Japanese port of Shari.
On July 23, eight commandos dispatched from Barb destroy a Japanese troop train on the island of Sakhalin.
In August, is named prospective Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Dogfish.
In October, is awarded a Gold Star in lieu of an additional Navy Cross.
In November, is briefly assigned to the War Plans Division of the office of the Secretary of the Navy.
In November, becomes personal aide to the Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.
1947 In June, assumes command of U.S.S. Halfbeak.
1948 In May, is promoted to Assistant Reserve Coordinator.
1949 Is transferred to the staff of Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet (COMSUBLANT) James Fife as Flag Secretary.
1950 Establishes the Atlantic Submarine Naval Reserve.
In October, is appointed U.S. Naval Attaché to Lisbon, Portugal, serving in that capacity until July 1953.
1953 c. July, assumes command of Submarine Division 52.
1955 In March, assumes command of U.S.S. Sperry.
c. August, assumes command of Submarine Squadron Five.
In October, assumes command of Submarine Group Seven, serving in that capacity until January 14, 1956.
1956 Appointed chair of the Electrical Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy. While at the Academy, also heads the fund drive for the construction of Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
1958 In July, the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium fund drive reaches the 2.2 million dollars needed for construction.
1959 Attends National War College at Fort McNair.
Begins one year assignment to National Security Council.
1960 In July, is promoted to Rear Admiral.
Assumes command of Amphibious Group Four. Flagships for Amphibious Group Four included U.S.S. Pocono and U.S.S. Mount McKinley.
1961 In April, commanding Task Force Eighty-Eight from U.S.S. Spiegel Grove, embarks on SoLant Amity II, a goodwill cruise along the African coast.
In November, begins serving as President of the Navy Board of Inspection and Survey.
1964 c. March, begins serving a three month special assignment for the Secretary of the Navy.
In June, is promoted to Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC).
1966 In July, appointed to a two year tour as Director of Naval Intelligence.
1968 Assumes command of the Iberian Atlantic Command (IBERLANT).
Named Chief of the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Portugal.
1971 On October 27, terrorists bomb the new Iberian Atlantic Command headquarters.
1972 In August, retires from active duty.
1992 Publishes Thunder Below, an account of the U.S.S. Barb's war patrols.
2007 On June 28, Eugene Bennett Fluckey dies in Annapolis, Maryland.

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Scope and Content Note

The Eugene B. Fluckey Papers, comprising 5.3 linear feet of documents, span fifty-nine years of Fluckey's life, from his service in the United States Navy during World War II through his return to civilian life after retirement. In various levels of detail, the papers describe many of Fluckey's duties throughout his naval career, including his war patrols aboard U.S.S. Barb, commands of submarine and amphibious groups, the SoLant Amity II goodwill cruise, and his work in torpedo countermeasures, as well as his post graduate studies, and duties as personal aide to Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. The papers also offer insight into the personal opinions, interests, and affiliations of Fluckey, both during his career and after.

The collection is composed of various document types, including personal and official correspondence in the form of letters, memoranda, and telegrams, as well as speeches, essays, journal articles, news clippings, newsletters, reports, commendations and citations, muster rolls, books, and photographs.

The Fluckey Papers are organized into four series by document type and subject scope. UNITED STATES NAVY FILES consists of documents, both personal and official, produced or retained in Fluckey's capacity as an officer in the United States Navy. Organized into twelve sub-series primarily by duty station of origin, the files contain correspondence, reports, and briefing materials. Speeches delivered by Fluckey, as well as newspaper editorials, essays, and reminiscences written by Fluckey are located in SPEECHES AND WRITINGS. Writings more closely associated with specific official projects are housed with their supporting documentation, such as an essay on Operation Flyaway, found in UNITED STATES NAVY FILES/Commander, Submarine Group Seven. Likewise, drafts of Fluckey's novel, Thunder Below, are located with the Barb related subject files. SUBJECT FILES, representing nearly half of the collection, deals with many of Fluckey's post-retirement interests. The U.S.S. Barb sub-series pertains largely to the reunion activities of the Barb's crew, and to research regarding the submarine's war record, which was possibly used in the preparation of Fluckey's novel, Thunder Below. The general subject files, comprising various document types, touch upon many of Fluckey's activities and interests, including files on several of Fluckey's commands, various United States Navy flag officers and ships, membership information for various organizations, and several awards. The general files also include basic biographical material on Fluckey. PHOTOGRAPHS consists of portraits of Fluckey, as well as images of various career related and post-retirement events, including award ceremonies, dinners and banquets, and action shots from the U.S.S. Barb.

Research interests served by the Fluckey Papers, in addition to biographical inquiries, include the study of U.S.S. Barb's war record and crew's history, United States' goodwill efforts, submarine rescue operations, torpedo countermeasures, and the career and interpersonal relationships of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

Series Descriptions

UNITED STATES NAVY FILES, 1944-1971 (Boxes 1-4)

Organized into twelve sub-series; five by station or command, and two by document type.

Documents pertaining to or created by Fluckey's various duties in the United States Navy.

Student, United States Naval Academy Post Graduate School: A single file containing transcripts from Fluckey's postgraduate studies.

Commander of U.S.S. Barb: Arranged alphabetically by document type.

Contemporary documentation pertaining to Fluckey's service as commanding officer of U.S.S. Barb. Specifically, the material pertains to the submarine's crew, awards bestowed upon the crew and Fluckey individually, and details of specific patrols. Included in the sub-series are incoming letters, telegrams, memoranda, citations, press releases, and muster rolls.

Among the correspondence in the sub-series is a thank-you letter from Australian prisoner of war Jack Flynn, who was saved by the U.S.S. Barb on September 17, 1944 following the sinking of the POW transport ship Ryoku Maru. Additional material on the Ryoku Maru survivors can be found in SUBJECT FILES/U.S.S. Barb.

Also among the materials are commendations received by Fluckey and his crew, including the citation for Fluckey's Medal of Honor. Additional material on the Medal of Honor can be found in SUBJECT FILES/General.

Personal Aide to Admiral Nimitz: Arranged chronologically.

Speeches delivered by then Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to various civic, military, and academic groups, including award ceremonies and memorial dedications.

Commander, Submarine Division 52: A single file pertaining to attempts to establish a torpedo countermeasure project. Included in the sub-series are memoranda and research materials.

Commander, Submarine Group Seven: A single report of Fluckey's tour of duty, including discussions of command relationships, general operations, logistics, and a submarine rescue program known as Operation Fly-Away.

Commander, Amphibious Group Four: Arranged alphabetically.

Documentation, primarily of SoLant Amity II, a goodwill tour of the coast of Africa executed under Fluckey's command. Included in the sub-series are reports, presentation materials in support of the final report, briefing materials, an invitation, and a cruise book.

Also included in the sub-series is an invitation to a change of command ceremony and a cruise book for the U.S.S. Pocono.

President, Board of Inspection and Survey: A single file consisting of a memorandum to Fluckey concerning an investigation into the shipboard use of polyester fiber pillows.

Chief of Naval Intelligence: A single file consisting of a certificate for the Department of Defense Computer Institute and a photograph of the institute's attendees.

Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific: Arranged alphabetically.

Documentation pertaining to the development of a deep sea rescue system for crippled or sunk submarines, known as a fly away kit. Included in the sub-series are memoranda, reference material, a published report, and an essay authored by Fluckey. Images of the fly away kit can be found in PHOTOGRAPHS.

Fitness Report File: A single file of memoranda pertaining to Fluckey's fitness reports while Rear Admiral.

Appointments: A single appointment certificate for Fluckey's promotion to Captain.

Personal File: Arranged chronologically by date until June 1968. After June 1968, arranged chronologically by year, thereunder alphabetically by correspondent.

Incoming and outgoing letters kept by Fluckey in his various capacities while holding the rank of Rear Admiral. The letters, primarily of a personal nature, consist mainly of thank-you letters, congratulations, commendations, and invitations. Topics represented by more than one letter include the Navy League of the United States, Naval Academy squash tournaments, and the Medal of Honor Society, as well as various business dealings. Included in the sub-series, in addition to letters, are memoranda, postcards, and newsletters.

Among the correspondence in the sub-series are letters pertaining to prisoner of war legislation (McKeever, March 1971), a letter to the outgoing Chief of Military Assistance Advisory Group, Portugal assessing the status of the command (April 15, 1968), and a thank-you letter from a Naval Academy Midshipman thanking Fluckey for convincing him not to drop out (September 21, 1967).

Notable correspondents include Admiral Charles Lockwood (August 21, 1964), Mrs. Chester W. Nimitz (May 5, 1967), NATO Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Admiral E.P. Holmes (May 22, 1968), Admiral John S. McCain, Jr. (May 18, 1968), Senator Edward M. Kennedy (February 7, 1969), President Richard M. Nixon (January 25, 1969), and Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. (May 2, 1970).

SPEECHES AND WRITINGS, 1959-1996 (Boxes 4-5)

Organized into two sub-series by document type.

Speeches, essays and editorials written or delivered by Fluckey in both official and private capacities.

Speeches: Arranged alphabetically, primarily by event.

Speeches delivered by Fluckey at various events such as graduations, funerals, civic group meetings, and dedications, including the dedication of two buildings named for Fluckey. Included in the sub-series are handwritten and typescript speeches, handwritten notes, and event programs.

Writings: Arranged alphabetically by document type.

Writings, primarily essays and editorials, written by Fluckey during his naval career and subsequent retirement. The writings pertain to Fluckey's personal experiences and opinions on several subjects, such as the stock market, street lighting, and the Iran-Contra Affair.

Among the personal reminiscences is one of an incident in 1946 in which Fluckey attempted to hide Admiral Chester W. Nimitz in a men's room from a throng of female admirers.

Also included in the sub-series is a 1959 research paper written by Fluckey entitled "Our Ramparts We Do Not Watch," addressing nuclear strategy.

SUBJECT FILES, 1946-2003 (Boxes 5-10 and 13[OS])

Organized into two sub-series by topical coverage.

Varied documentation pertaining to Fluckey's career, interests and activities. A majority of the files appear to have been assembled following Fluckey's retirement from the United States Navy.

U.S.S. Barb: Arranged alphabetically, primarily by document type.

Materials collected by Fluckey relating to the World War II record of the U.S.S. Barb and the subsequent lives of its crew. The materials pertain to the Barb's war record, including total tonnage and identity of ships destroyed, alumni association activities, Barb's sale to Italy and subsequent renaming as Enrico Tazzoli, the survivors of the POW transport Ryoku Maru, and Fluckey's book, Thunder Below. Included in the subseries are alumni newsletters and muster lists, news and magazine clippings, book excerpts, incoming and outgoing letters, a student paper, a television script, and a partial book manuscript.

Among the items in this sub-series are manuscript copies of Fluckey's book Thunder Below (partial), as well as research files on Japanese naval and shipping vessels, most likely used by Fluckey in writing Thunder Below. Included in the research files are two folders containing correspondence and enclosed material from Captain Shin Itonaga of the National Institute for Defense Studies in Japan.

Also included in the sub-series is a script by Captain Edward L. Beach pertaining to the U.S.S. Barb and its ultimate sale to Italy, written for the television show Navy Log.

General: Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Documentation on various topics, assembled by Fluckey both during his career and in retirement from the United States Navy. The files pertain to organizations in which Fluckey was a member or supporter, United States Navy personnel (especially admirals, such as Arleigh Burke and Charles Lockwood), United States Navy Ships, submarine activities during World War II (other than those of U.S.S. Barb), Fluckey's Medal of Honor, two buildings dedicated in Fluckey's honor, and other biographical material on Fluckey. Included in the sub-series are incoming and outgoing letters, news clippings, publications, press releases, invitations, and certificates.

Included in the sub-series is a set of set of uncut transparencies for a Submarine Attack Course Finder (Is-Was) from a GUPPY II submarine.

Also included in the sub-series are several files of personal correspondence, arranged by correspondent. Among these personal correspondents are Fluckey's first wife Marjorie, former Barb crew member Everett P. "Tuck" Weaver, and Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1902 and 1944-2003 (Boxes 10-12 and 13-OS)

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Prints and negatives, mostly black-and-white depicting various events and people from Fluckey's career in the United States Navy and subsequent retirement. The depictions include award ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, dinners and banquets, fleet activities (such as SoLant Amity II), events attended by Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, crew activities and engagements of U.S.S. Barb, various other United States Navy submarines, and portraits of Fluckey and other key military personnel.

Portraits of other military personnel, many of which are autographed, include those of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Admiral Horacio Rivero, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also included in the series are images of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Admiral William F. Halsey, and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.

Container List

Box Folder  
1 UNITED STATES NAVY FILES/Student, United States Naval Academy Post Graduate School
1 Transcript, September 12, 1942
Commander of U.S.S. Barb
2 Citation - Gold Star (in lieu of Navy Cross), October 1945
3 Citation - Medal of Honor, March 23, 1945
4 Citation - Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, April 2, 1946
5 Citation - Roll of Honor of the Submarine Base, November 25, 1944
6 Correspondence - Congratulations for War Patrols, March 1945
7 Correspondence - Letters from Crew Members, 1944-1945 and undated
8 Correspondence - Letters from Naval Personnel (Non Barb), 1944-1945
9 Correspondence - Medal of Honor Recommendation, February 1945
10 Correspondence - Thank-You Letters, January-March 1945
11 Correspondence - U.S.S. Barb Battle Flag, March 1945
12 Memorandum - Names of Officers and Enlisted Men Eligible for Presidential Unit Citation, August 11, 1945
13 Memorandum - Summary of Information on Submarine Attacks, March 18, 1945
14 Muster Rolls and Sailing Lists, July 1945 and undated
15 Navy Unit Commendation (Facsimile), 1945
16 Press Releases, March-August 1945
Personal Aide to Admiral Nimitz
17 Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Speeches, 1946
18 Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Speeches, 1947
Commander, Submarine Division 52
19 Project JimGene: Torpedo Countermeasures, 1954
Commander, Submarine Group Seven
20 Report of Tour of Duty, January 19, 1956
Commander, Amphibious Group Four
21 Cruise Book - U.S.S. Pocono, 1960
22 Event Program - Change of Command Ceremony, October 9, 1961
23 SoLant Amity - Final Report, ca. September 1961
24 SoLant Amity - Gabon Briefing Kit, August 1961
25 SoLant Amity - Miscellaneous Correspondence, June 7, 1961
26 SoLant Amity - Mombasa News Clippings, June-July 1961
27 SoLant Amity - Port Victoria Briefing Material, June 1961
28 SoLant Amity - Port Visit Reports, ca. September 1961
Box Folder
2 1 SoLant Amity - Presentation Notes and Speech, September 1961
2 SoLant Amity - Published Report, ca. December 1961
3 SoLant Amity - Zanzibar Briefing Material, June 1961
President, Board of Inspection and Survey
4 Memorandum - Adaptability of Polyester Fiber Pillows, April 29, 1963
Chief of Naval Intelligence
5 Department of Defense Computer Institute - Certificate and Photograph, October 1966
Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific
6 Fly Awa Kit - "From Polaris to Deep Ocean Technology" (report), ca. 1965
7-8 Fly Away Kit - Memoranda and Reference Files, 1964-1965
9 Operation Flyaway - Essay by Eugene Fluckey, undated
Fitness Report File
10 Memoranda - Fitness Reports, 1964-1966
11 Appointment Certificate - Captain (effective March 1, 1954), August 1, 1956
Personal File
12 April-July 1964
13 August-September 1964
14 October-December, 1964
15 June 1966
16 July-September 1966
17 October 1966
18 November-December 1966
Box Folder
3 1 January-February 1967
2 March-April 1967
3 May-August 1967
4 September-October 1967
5 November-December 1967 and undated
6 January-April 1968
7 May-June 1968
8 Correspondents A-D, 1968
9 Correspondents E-K, 1968
10 Correspondents L-N, 1968
11 Correspondents O-Z, 1968
12 Correspondents A-F, 1969
13 Correspondents G-K, 1969
14 Correspondents L-N, 1969
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondents O-Z, 1969
2 Correspondents A-F, 1970
3 Correspondents G-L, 1970
4 Correspondents M-Z, 1970
5 Correspondents A-J, 1971
6 Correspondents K-R, 1971
7 Correspondents S-Z, 1971
8 Secret, May 1962 and December 1963-March 1964
9 Secret, April-May 1964
10 Boy Scouts Annual Scouters Recognition Banquet, January 14, 1961
11 Change of Command Ceremony - Amphibious Force, Atlantic, September 1960
12 Court Testimony - United States Naval Academy Traffic Violation Defense, 1989
13 Eulogy - Admiral Elliot Loughlin, November 3, 1989
14 Eulogy - Captain Earl Marvin Archer, October 1990
15 Fluckey Hall Dedication (Naval Submarine School), November 17, 1989
16 Fluckey Hall Dedication (Yokosuka, Japan), July 10, 1996
17 Graduation Address - Officers Basic Submarine School, 1989
18 Graduation Address - SOAC and SOBC, July 15, 1994
19 Graduation Address - Submarine School, March 10, 1992

Includes excerpts from Fluckey's book Thunder Below.

20 Graduation Address - [Submarine School], 1996
21 Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee - World War II Shipping Losses, undated
22 Miscellaneous Speech Notes, 1995 and undated
23 Naval Academy Dolphin Club Address, undated
Box Folder
5 1 Naval Reserve Intelligence Division Annual Dinner, November 8, 1966
2 Navy Day Address to Honolulu Rotary Club, October 27, 1964
3 [Navy League of Phoenix] Address, undated
4 Navy League of Seattle Annual Banquet, March 20, 1965
5 Submarine Group Ten Memorial Service, November 3, 1995
6 Unidentified U.S.S. Barb Speech, undated
7 Unidentified World War II Memorial Dedication, undated
8 Essay - "The Banana," undated
9 Essay - "An Emotional Experience I've Had," undated
10 Essay - "Eugene in the United States Senate," undated
11 Essay - [U.S.S.] "Pomodon," undated
12 Essay - "Worldwide 10-13% Savings in Public Lighting," ca. 1979
13 Humor in Uniform Contribution - Reminiscence of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, undated
14 Journal Article - "Iberian Atlantic Area Command," Nato's Fifteen Nations, February-March, 1972
15 Journal Article - "The Nimitzes Call," Naval History, 1987-1988
16 Letter to the Editor - [Stock Exchanges], The Washington Post, February 3, 1988
17 Letter to the Editor - [United Nations Embargo of South Africa,] The Washington Post, August 1963
18 Letter to the Editor - "Iran-Contra Aflare," The Washington Post, March 4 and August 10, 1987
19 National War College Research Paper - "Our Ramparts We Do Not Watch," March 13, 1959
20 Alumni Muster Lists, 1946, 1966 and 1986-1992
21 Alumni Muster Lists, undated
22 Alumni Newsletters - Barb Chronicle, June 1990-January 1992
23 Alumni Newsletters - Barb Information Letter, May 1988-June 1991
24 Alumni Newsletters - Barb Periscope, October 1991-November 1994
25 Book Excerpts - Authors A-H, 1964-1983

- [Blair, Clay S., Silent Victory, 1975]
- Braun, Saul, Seven Heroes: Medal of Honor Stories of the War in the Pacific, 1964
- [Dean, Dixi], Druids' Circle, undated
- Gallery, Daniel V. (Rear Admiral), Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea, 1956
- Holmes, W.J., Undersea Victory: The Influence of Submarine Operations on the War in the Pacific, 1966
- Hoyt, Edwin Palmer, Submarines at War, 1983

26 Book Excerpts - Authors J-Z, 1949-1980 and undated

- Karig, Walter, Battle Report, Volume 5: Victory in the Pacific, 1949
- Lockwood, Charles A. (Vice Admiral), Sink 'Em All, 1951
-Morrison, Samuel Eliot, History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, Volume 12: Leyte, 1959
- Roscoe, Theodore, United States Submarine Operations in World War II, 1949
- Wheeler, Kenneth, War Under the Pacific, 1980

27 Cavalier Magazine, 1954
28 Correspondence (General), 1946-2003
29 Crew Member Biographies, 1944, 1980 and 1985

Includes biographical material on Lieutenant Max C. Duncan, and Rear Admiral Robert W. McNitt.

30 Form Letter - The Nature of Submariners, undated
31 Hall of Heroes Publications - "These Men Gave" Comic Strip, 1974-1990
32 History of U.S.S. Barb, 1946 and undated
Box Folder
6 1 Lookout Contest Poster (Photocopy), 1991
2 Magazine and Journal Articles, 1945

- Maloney, Tom, "Action in the China Sea," Cosmopolitan, November 1945
- Commissioning Program of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 27, 1945

3 Magazine and Journal Articles, 1946

-Strohmeyer, John, "Life Begins at Forty Fathoms," Our Navy, October 1946

4 Magazine and Journal Articles, 1966 and 1978-1979

- Fowler, Robert H., Untitled Barb Article, American History Illustrated, 1966
- Hall, Pat, "The Mystery of Gyokuyo Maru," Polaris, June 1979
- "Submarine Sagas: Barb Bombards Japan," Polaris, June 1979

5 Magazine and Journal Articles, 1984, 1987 and 1989

- "Submarine Sagas: U.S.S. Barb, Hunter Killer Submarine," Polaris, February 1984
-U.S.S. Barb Reunion Notice, Polaris, April 1987
-Ruhe, Bill, "The Confusing Case of Convoy MO-TA-30," 1989

6 Magazine and Journal Articles, undated

- Guttridge, Len, "Skipper Lucky Fluckey," undated
- Karig, Walter, and Frank A. Manson, "The Hairbreadth Escapes of the Barb," undated
- Strohmeyer, John, "The Barb Strikes," undated
- "War Heroes Reunite Aboard DQ," The Robin Street Rag, undated

7 Miles, M.E. (Vice Admiral), 1976
8 Miscellaneous, 1990 and undated
9 Newspaper Clippings, 1944-1945
10 Newspaper Clippings, 1946
11 Newspaper Clippings, 1954
12 Newspaper Clippings, 1961
13 Newspaper Clippings, 1965
14 Newspaper Clippings, 1979 and 1993
15 Newspaper Clippings, undated
16 Poetry - "U.S.S. Barb" by Frank S. Irvine, undated
17 Press Release - Declaration of War Against Japan, December 8, 1941
18-19 Research Files - Captain Shin Itonaga Correspondence, 1984-1993 and 1999
20-22 Research Files - Japanese Naval and Merchant Vessels, 1943-1976
23 Research Files - U.S.S. Barb Tonnage Sunk/ Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee, 1946, 1988 and 1992
Box Folder
7 1 Reunions - Newsletter, 1985-1986
2 Reunions - Pascagoula, Mississippi (August 1963), January-August 1963
3 Ryoku Maru Survivors, 1977-1993
4 Television Script - "U.S.S. Enrico Tazzoli," by Captain Edward L. "Ned" Beach, 1956
5 Theme Song of the Barb, undated
6 Thunder Below - Miscellaneous, September 1988 and undated
7 Thunder Below - Partial Manuscript, undated
8 United States Naval Academy Student Paper - "U.S. Submarine Tactics of World War II: 1941-1945," May 15, 1989
9 United States Strategic Bombing Survey Report - Oil in Japan's War (Excerpt), undated
10 Adams, Ruby Lee, Much in Little on the United States Navy, 1946
11 Admiral Togo Heihachiro, 1905-1906
12 Allbury, A.G., Bamboo and Bushido, 1955
13 Allbury, A.G., Bamboo and Bushido, 1955 and 1972
14 Amphibious Group Four, 1961
15 Biographical Files - Autobiographies, 1958, 1987, 1996 and undated
16 Biographical Files - Official Navy Biographies, 1955-1996
17 Biographical Files - Printed Biographies, 1978, 1995, 2003 and undated
18 Biographical Files - United States Naval Institute Oral History (Interview Transcript), 1971
Box Folder
8 1 Biographical Files - United States Naval Institute Oral History (Related Materials), 1942 and 1985-1995
2 Bruton, Henry Chester (Rear Admiral), 1963
3 Burke, Arleigh A. (Admiral), 1961
4 Certificate of Congressional Recognition and Achievement, June 20, 1993
5 Chairman's Award for Excellence in Military Medicine - Event Program, October 1994
6 Clancy, Tom, 1987
7 Correspondence - Congratulatory, 2003
8 Correspondence - Congratulatory (Promotion to Rear Admiral), 1960
9 Correspondence - Personal Miscellany, 1949-1994 and undated
10 Cuban Missile Crisis - Press Release, November 29, 1962
11 Fluckey Hall Dedication (Naval Submarine School), November 1989
12 Fluckey Hall Dedication (Yokosuka, Japan), 1996
13 Fluckey, Margaret - Correspondence, 1983
14 Fluckey Marjorie - Correspondence, 1955
15 Fluckey Portrait, 2002-2003 and undated
16 Green Bowlers Investigation, 1947 and undated
17 Hoffler, Aaron - Correspondence, 1995-1998
18 Inauguration of President William Jefferson Clinton - Invitation, January 20, 1993
19 John Paul Jones Quotation, undated
20 Lockwood, Charles A. (Vice Admiral), 1944 and 1967
21 Loughlin, Elliot (Rear Admiral), 1989 and undated
22 Medal of Honor, 1945-1946 and 1989-1997
23 Medal of Honor - Pueblo, Colorado Funshine Day Memory Book, ca. 1995-1997
24 Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, 1998
Box Folder
9 1 Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, 1957-1958
2 Navy Speakers' Notes, 1961-1962

Includes excerpts of speeches by Admiral Arleigh Burke and John S. McCain, Jr.

3 News Clippings - Miscellaneous, 1950-1966 and undated
4 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Correspondence, 1957-1966
5 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Funeral Invitation, February 1966
6 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Miscellaneous, 1958, 1965 and undated
7 Saint Mary's Submarine Museum, 1996-2004
8 Sharkhunters International, 1993-1998
9 "Silent Service" Awards, undated
10 SoLant Amity II - News Clippings, 1961
11 Street Lighting, 1978-1979
12 Street Lighting - Edison Electric Institute Street Lighting Manual, 1969
13 Submarine Stories, 1983 and undated

Primarily stories pertaining to U.S. submarines in World War II, other than U.S.S. Barb.

14 Submarine History, 1948 and undated

Includes a Naval ROTC pamphlet entitled "U.S. Submarine Operations in the War with Japan," and a Naval Historical Foundation pamphlet entitled "United States Submarines in Action: 1900-1952."

15 "Thirty Years After" - World War II Retrospective Pamphlet, 1975
16 United States Submarine Veterans of World War II, July 2006
17 U.S.S. Holland (AS-32: Submarine Tender), 1963
18 U.S.S. Kamehameha (Submarine), 1965
19 U.S.S. Liberty (AGTR-5 - Sinking of by Israel), 1967 and 1976-1977
20 U.S.S. Maine (Submarine - Commissioning Program), July 16, 1994
21 U.S.S. Nautilus (Submarine), 1957, 1986 and undated
22 U.S.S. Tang (Submarine), 1989 and undated
23 Veterans Day - White House Invitation, 1994
24 Veterans of Foreign Wars - Certificate, October 19, 1995
25 Weaver, Everett P. "Tuck," 1975-2004
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10 1-3 Weaver, Everett P. "Tuck," 1975-2004
4 [Amphibious Squadron Ten] Review, 1960
5-6 Awards and Honors - Fluckey Hall Dedication, November 1989
7 Awards and Honors - Gold Star Presentation (in lieu of third Navy Cross), April 10, 1945
8 Awards and Honors - Medal of Honor Presentation, March 23, 1945

Images feature Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.

9 Awards and Honors - Navy Cross Presentation, December 6, 1945
10 Awards and Honors - Unidentified, undated
11 Birds, undated
12 Change of Command Ceremonies, 1955 and undated
13 Change of Command Ceremonies - Commander, Submarine Force Pacific, June 11, 1966
14 Dinners and Banquets - Amphibious Group Four Banquet, ca. 1961
15 Dinners and Banquets - Kings Bay Banquet, November 4, 1995
16 Dinners and Banquets - Unidentified, undated
17 Fleet Visit to Portugal, 1951
18-19 Fly Away Kit, September 1965 and undated
20 Foreign Naval Attaches, 1966-1968
21 IBERLANT - Briefing and Reception, ca. 1971
22 Japanese Surrender, September 2, 1945
23 Nam Kwan Harbor Visit, June 1991
24 Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium - Donation, May 8, 1958
25 Navy Mutual Aid Society Annual Conference, February 20, 1964
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11 1 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Arrival at Moffett Field, September 29, 1946
2 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Douglas Scott Freeman Reception, March 27, 1946

Image features General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

3 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Honorary Degree Reception (Northwestern University), ca. 1946
4 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Induction as "Big Chief," July 1946
5 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Macon, Georgia Chamber of Commerce Address, April 5, 1946
6 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Nimitz Day (Corpus Christi, Texas), June 18, 1946
7 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Patuxent River Naval Air Station Inspection, June 20, 1946
8 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Submarine Day (United States Naval Academy), April 11, 1947
9 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Various Events, 1946
10 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Various Events, ca. 1946
11 Portraits - Bush, George H. W. and Barbara, 1991-1992 and undated
12 Portraits - Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic Staff, 1949 and undated
13 Portraits - Eisenhower, Dwight D. (General), undated
14 Portraits - Fife, James (Rear Admiral), undated
15 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Commander), 1948
16 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Commander), undated
17 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Commander, Aboard U.S.S. Barb), 1945
18 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Commander, Aboard U.S.S. Barb), ca. 1945
19 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Captain), 1954
20 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Captain), 1960
21 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Captain), undated
22 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Rear Admiral), 1963 and undated
23 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Rear Admiral - Proofs and Negatives), undated
24 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Rear Admiral, Retired), 1992 and undated
25 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Oil Painting by Albert K. Murray), undated
26 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Scuba Gear), undated
27 Portraits - Fluckey, Marjorie, undated
28 Portraits - Foreign Attaches, 1966 and undated
29 Portraits - Lockwood, Charles A. (Vice Admiral), undated
30 Portraits - Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral), undated
31 Portraits - Reagan, Ronald and Nancy, undated
32 Portraits - Rivero, Horacio (Admiral), 1970
33 Portraits - Shin Itonaga, 1984
34 Portraits - Unidentified, 1966 and undated
35 Portraits - Unidentified Groups, 2003 and undated
36-37 SoLant Amity II, May-August 1961
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12 1-4 SoLant Amity II, May-August 1961
5 Unidentified Events, undated
6 Unidentified Submarine, undated
7 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine), 1944-1945
8 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine), undated
9 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - "Barb Strikes," undated
10 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Battle Flags, 1944-1945 and undated
11 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Commendations, 1945 and undated
12 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Crew Members, 1944 and undated
13 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Reunions, undated
14 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Shipboard Activities, October 1944 and undated
15 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Targets and Periscope Views, undated
16 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine) - Victory Cakes, undated
17 U.S.S. Bonita (Submarine), undated
18 U.S.S. Columbia (Submarine) - Victory Cake, 2003
19 U.S.S. Kamehameha (Submarine) - Launching Ceremony, January 16, 1965
20 U.S.S. Plunger (Submarine), 1902
21 U.S.S. Proteus (Submarine Tender), 1965
22 [Wedding Ceremony], undated
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13 [OS] SUBJECT FILES/General (Oversize)
1 Submarine Attack Course Finder (Is-Was), ca. 1950
2 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Memorial News Clippings Album, February 1966
3 Schweitzer, Dr. Albert A., September 1965
4 Awards and Honors - Medal of Honor Presentation, March 23, 1945
5 Japanese Surrender, September 2, 1945
6 Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral) - Various Events, 1946 and undated

Images feature Admiral William F. Halsey.

7 Portraits, 1945-1946, 1986 and undated

- Denfeld, Louis F. (Admiral), undated
- Forrestal, James (Secretary of Defense), March 23, 1945 and undated
- Miller, [Henry L.?] (Rear Admiral), July 31, 1946
- Ramsey, DeWitt (Admiral), undated
- Sherman, Forrest (Vice Admiral), undated
- Watkins, James D. (Admiral), 1986 and undated

8 Portraits - Fluckey, Eugene (Rear Admiral), 1963
9 Portraits - Nimitz, Chester W. (Fleet Admiral), undated
10 U.S.S. Barb (Submarine: SSN 596), undated
11 U.S.S. Reina Mercedes and U.S.S. Columbia (Painting), December 1963