O. Kemp Tolley, 1908-2000.
O. Kemp Tolley, 1908-2000.

Guide to the O. Kemp Tolley Papers, 1924-2000

MS 380

A collection in the
Special Collections & Archives Department,
Nimitz Library

Naval Academy Seal

United States Naval Academy
589 McNair Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5029

Prepared by: Ruth Hennessy
(Additional processing by David D'Onofrio, April 2009)

July 2005

Descriptive Summary

The O. Kemp Tolley papers were donated to the Special Collections & Archives Division by Vlada Gritzenko (Mrs. Kemp) Tolley. Accession No. 01-33.
24.5 linear feet.
Access to the O. Kemp Tolley Papers is unrestricted.
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O. Kemp Tolley Papers, MS 380
Special Collections & Archives Department
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United States Naval Academy

Biographical Chronology

1908 Born in Manila, Phillipines on 29 April
1929 Graduated, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
USS Florida, Junior officer
1930 USS Texas, Staff, Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet
1931 USS Canopus, Submarine Squadron V, Staff, Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet
1932 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 6 June
1933 USS Houston, Staff, Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet
USS Mindanao, South China Patrol, Shanghai, Tsingtao, Harbin
1934 4th Marines, Shanghai China, Russian Language Student, 23 June
1935 American Embassy, Berlin, assigned Riga, Latvia
1936 Office of Naval Intelligence, Temdu
1936-1937 USS Wyoming
1937 USS Mindanao, South China Patrol
Promoted to Lieutenant
1938 USS Tutuila, Yangtze Patrol, Gunnery, Communications, 9 May
1939 4th Marines, Shanghai, liaison and language officer
1940-1941 U.S. Naval Academy, French Instructor, August – January 1941
1941 U.S. Naval Academy, Instructor of Midshipmen
USS Wake, Executive Officer August-November
1941-1942 USS Lanikai, Commanding Officer
1942 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, March
1942-1944 Moscow, Assistant Naval Attaché, USSR
1942 Promoted Commander
1944 Married Vlada Gritzenko, 15 November, Moscow
1944-1945 USS North Carolina, Navigator, Far East
1944 Promoted to Captain, August
1945-1947 United States Navy Department, Special Branch Operations
1947-1948 USS Vermilion, Commanding Officer, June-May
1948-1949 Landing Ship Tank Squadron 2, Commanding Officer, September-August
1949-1952 Armed Forces Staff College, Director Intelligence
1952-1954 Amphibious Group 2, Operations Officer
1954-1955 Amphibious Squadron 5, Commanding Officer
1955-1956 Amphibious Squadron Western Pacific, Commanding Officer
1956-1957 Yokosuka Fleet Activities, Chief of Staff
1957-1959 Yokosuka Fleet Activities, Commanding Officer
1959 Retired as Captain, Philadelphia, July
1960 Combat Advancement to Rear Admiral, 24 May
Norfolk, Commodore Convoy Instruction, 2 weeks
Convoy Commander duty, 20 days, San Diego to Hawaii (Vietnam War)
1961 Representative for SECNAV, FADM Nimitz, Japan, June
1961-1985 In retirement, he wrote articles for such authoritative publications as the Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute.
1971 Published book, Yangtze River Patrol: the U.S. Navy in China
1973 Published book, Cruise of the Lanikai: Incitement to War
1983 Published book, Caviar and Commisars: the Experiences of a U.S. Naval Officer in Stalin’s Russia
1984 Oral history published by USNI, Reminiscences of RADM Kemp Tolley
1986 Edited book, Gunboats on the Long River Yangtsu
1989 Edited book, American Gunboats in China
1992 Permanent member of the Defense Attaché System Hall of Fame, June 9. "The Defense Intelligence Agency takes great pleasure in recognizing the accomplishments of RADM Kemp Tolley, USN while serving as a member of the Defense Attache System at US Defense Attache Office, Moscow USSR from 1942-44 for the outstanding service he is sincerely congratulated."
2000 Died Oct. 28, Monkton, Maryland

Scope and Content Note

The papers of Rear Admiral Oscar Kemp Tolley (1908-2000) span the years 1924-2000. The collection consists of correspondence, publications of Rear Admiral Tolley and others, papers of the Yangtze River Patrol Association and the South China Patrol Association, awards, honors and dedications, and photographs. All of these components relate directly to Tolley’s life and career. The majority of the collection consists of original documents, although there are a small number of photocopies. The bulk of the material is centered around his Navy service in China, Russia, and Japan as well as his subsequent publications which chronicle that service. His involvement with shipmates and others who had served with him is well documented.

Rear Admiral Tolley served in the U.S. Navy from 1924-1961, encompassing the China gunboat era, World War II and the early years of the Cold War. As a Russian speaker and Naval attaché in Moscow from 1942-1944, he was deeply involved in US diplomacy. It was here he met and married his wife Vlada, a Soviet citizen. The collection not only documents his career, but also provides relevant insights into the Navy of that period. After his retirement in 1958, his involvement in writing, speaking and research increased. His facility with the Russian language allowed him to be a resource for Russian ships arriving in Baltimore and Annapolis. On the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II he was invited to the celebration in Moscow. He continued to have ties with Japan where he was instrumental in the restoration of the Japanese ship Mikasa.

The strengths of the collection are shown in the extensive documentation of Rear Admiral Tolley's career and subsequent publishing as well as the variety of his contacts. His letters to his parents from 1924 to 1961 are especially detailed and give the flavor of pre-war China. Other correspondence involves diplomats, Russian and Japanese officers, other authors and shipmates. Photographs include ships' albums. Printed matter includes maps, pamphlets, reports, advertisements and articles on various subjects.

Related Collections

Additional archival material pertaining to O. Kemp Tolley's command of U.S.S. Lanikai, totalling .25 cubic feet of documentation, can be found in the Papers of Rear Admiral Kemp Tolley, 1924-1967, at the Operational Archives Branch of the Naval History & Heritage Command in Washington, D.C.

Series Descriptions


This series contains personal and professional correspondence. The correspondence within this series is both incoming and outgoing. It is divided into nine subseries.

Subseries 1 - General: The bulk of the correspondence in this series is related to current news and travels of Rear Admiral Tolley and his friends. Rear Admiral Tolley referred to these letters as "chit chat." The subseries is arranged chronologically by incoming or outgoing letters.

Subseries 2 - Authors, Military, Researchers: Much of this material relates to the verification of information for printed books and articles. This group of correspondents consists of noted authors, researchers and military experts. A large percentage of the letters are photocopies, although some are originals. Military leaders included in this subseries are Admirals Chester Nimitz and Thomas Hart. Also of interest are personal letters with other authors including John Hersey, Richard McKenna, Barbara Tuchman, John Toland and Herman Wouk.

Subseries 3 - Lieutenant Commander Charles C. Hiles: Lieutenant Commander Charles C. Hiles (1896-1979), was a career naval officer who served from 1914-1947 and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. After his retirement he devoted his energies to researching and writing about the events leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack and U.S. entry into World War II. Correspondence with Charles Hiles centers around the Pearl Harbor controversy, especially the culpability of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Admiral Husband Kimmel and others. This is a lengthy correspondence lasting from 1966 to 1978. At times Charles Hiles edited Rear Admiral Tolley’s book material.

Subseries 4 - Former Shipmates: Rear Admiral Tolley kept up extensive correspondence with his former shipmates and "river rats," both socially and historically. This subseries contains some minor reminiscences.

Subseries 5 - Publishers and Publishing: As well as his correspondence with the major publisher of his work, the United States Naval Institute, this series contains correspondence with editors and staff of various periodicals concerning articles he had written. A folder of rejection letters reflects his persistence in learning his craft. His generous advice and assistance to potential authors on publishing their work is included in this subseries.

Subseries 6 - Parents: Extensive correspondence with his parents from 1924, when he left for the Naval Academy, until 1961 when he was recalled to duty, containing a summation of his career and interests in those years.

Subseries 7 - Family: The correspondence in this subseries is with his wife, children, grandmother and other family members. These letters are personal and some refer to children’s school, camp and other activities.

Subseries 8 - Miscellaneous: This subseries contains bills, medical records, and various expressions of opinion in such items as letters to the editor and recommendations for awards. They demonstrate his involvement in issues of the day.

Subseries 9 - Orphaned sheets: The sheets in this subseries are "orphaned" and are filed separately.


Arranged into two sub-series.

Subseries 1 - Midshipman Items: This subseries consists of United States Naval Academy midshipman items, primarily papers relating to his appointment to the Academy, and several bound volumes of material relating to class activities and accounts.

Subseries 2 - United States Naval Academy Class of 1929: This subseries includes post graduation material on United States Naval Academy Class of 1929, and regulations for midshipmen of St. Johns College.


This series consists of sets of official orders and dispatches from several ships, and papers incidental to retirement, recall to duty and professional information. Arranged into two sub-series.

Subseries 1 - Orders 1929-1963: Official orders and documents

Subseries 2 - Career-Related Papers: Included in this subseries are letters, documents and papers incidental to his career, including professional information, and opinions on officer retention/recruiting.


In accordance with Rear Admiral Tolley's extensive interests and constant verification of salient facts, the research materials series contains general research, ship research with focus on the Asiatic Fleet, research on the various services, and personal interests including genealogy. There is extensive information on Pearl Harbor and the culpability of Admiral Husband Kimmel and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Other Subseries consist of research on each of his primary books: Yangtze Patrol, Cruise of the Lanikai, and Caviar and Commissars. A further subseries involves fleet activities and his time and local contacts in Japan.

Subseries 1 - General: This subseries includes materials on a wide of variety of topics, many of which were verified through queries to the Operational Archives at the Naval Historical Center. Topics are as varied as alcohol use in the navies, espionage, torpedoes and letters and biographical information on former presidents and state and government officials.

Subseries 2 - Unpublished Notes: Pre-publication anecdotes, sea stories 1962-1987, notes for new books, manuscripts, and poems and sea shanties

Subseries 3 - Ship Research: This subseries contains information on ships, primarily the Asiatic Fleet. Much of the material consists of bound publications as well as newspaper clippings, logs, rosters and anecdotal records.

Subseries 4 - Services Notes: Miscellaneous clippings and print information on the various banches of the service.

Subseries 5 - Personal Interests and Considered Opinions: Interests in this category range from genealogy of the Tolley family, arguments for respect, Tailhook opinions, Universal Ship Cancellation Society, North American Society for Oceanic History, Admiral Nimitz Center, Fredericksburg, TX, Richard McKenna High School as well as participation in other organizations. Even more personal is information on biofeedback, miscellaneous farming related material and guarantees.

Subseries 6 - Pearl Harbor/Husband Kimmel: Rear Admiral Tolley performed intensive research attempting to obtain vindication for Admiral Husband Kimmel. He interviewed many figures involved in the Pearl Harbor attack including Admiral Fukuda, Admiral McCullum, Admiral Stark and Admiral Standley. He conducted voluminous correspondence on the topic of culpability of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor from 1966-1995, correspondence with the Kimmel family, and the author Edward Beach, Jr. This subseries also contains declassified documents, mostly photocopied, on the events leading up to Pearl Harbor.

Subseries 7 - Documentation of Major Publications: Yangtze Patrol (includes China) Much of the research in this area includes replies for reminiscence from the Asiatic Fleet, clippings, print articles and information about Shanghai and Tsingtao. His research for the book, Yangtze Patrol spans the years 1969 until post publication 1987.

Cruise of the Lanikai: This subseries includes unpublished notes and research on the Lanikai, both the physical ship (earlier named Hermes) and the voyage. Included is also continuing correspondence about the book and the voyage 1962-1994. There is also a certificate of recognition of the Lanikai with a Bronze Star.

Caviar and Commissars (includes Russia): Notes and correspondence concerning Russia and diplomacy are included in this subseries. There are many news clippings, posters and information on various ambassadors. After retirement, Rear Admiral Tolley acted as a good will ambassador when there were USSR ship visits and he traveled to Russia for the 50th anniversary of World War II.

Subseries 8 - Japan: This subseries contains material from the fifties when Rear Admiral Tolley was Commander of the Pacific Fleet, stationed in Yokuska. He played a key part in the restoration of Mikasa, and kept up correspondence with the many Japanese friends he had made, especially the Nagano and Godsoe families.


This series contains books, proofs and manuscripts given to him by other authors, as well as reviews, edits and articles and criticism by and about Rear Admiral Tolley. Among the manuscripts are: Preliminary draft From Giffin to River Rat: A J.G. on the Long River, by Rear Admiral Clarence E. Coffin; Low Water Above Hankou, by Commander Jerome Addison Lee; Amid These Storms: Letters and Dispatches of CDR Hugo Koehler; 1917-1922; A manuscript diary of Daniel H. Storey, Electrician 2nd Class; an autographed copy of Run Silent, Run Deep by Edward Beach, Jr., and A Hell of a War by Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

VI. EPHEMERA: (Box 36-37 and 59 [OS])

The Ephemera series contains USNA materials, other pamphlets and brochures, Russian posters and a ships' cards and menus collection.


This series contains copies of the mockups of and published editions of Yangtze Patrol and China Gunboatman as well as individual ships’ newsletters and speeches.


This series contains Navy and Marine Corps directories from various assignments.


The Yangtze River Patrol Association was founded to promote "friendship, camaraderie, and unity among former members of the United States Navy who served their country in ships of the Yangtze River Patrol Force and were recipients of the Yangtze River Patrol ribbon." An associate member status for those who served in the middle or upper Yangtze but had not received the ribbon was also formed. From the beginning, this associate membership caused problems, and they ultimately broke away to form a more inclusive South China Patrol Association. Since Rear Admiral Tolley believed strongly in inclusion rather than exclusion, he joined the new group. In 1998 when membership in both groups was dwindling, the two groups officially merged. This series contains the records of both organizations, some historical reminiscences, regulations, membership lists and the China repository which contains some information contributed by members on the country and its politics.


This series contains four silent films; each filmed in 16mm and later transferred to VHS. Two of the films appear to hail from Tolley’s tours of duty in China, and include footage of the indigenous people, seaplane launches, Navy divers, and shipboard target practice. One video demonstrates the inner construction of turbines. The final video focuses primarily on a 1969 fire aboard U.S.S. Enterprise (Aircraft carrier : CVN 65).

XI. PHOTOGRAPHS: (Box 48-59 [OS])

This series contains a wide variety of photographs taken during tours of duty in China, Russia and Japan as well as family photographs. They span the years from 1929 to 1998. Several diplomats and political figures, including Averill Harriman are included. There are many portraits of Rear Admiral Tolley during various phases of his life. Many photographs are unidentified. A few are copies of well-know photographs.

Subseries 1 - Trips Taken Throughout Asia

Subseries 2 - Women, Friends and Family

Subseries 3 - Ships and Duty Stations

Subseries 4 - Portraits: Rear Admiral Tolley 1929-1998; Group portraits, including Roosevelt, Churchill, Stark and King as well as Averill Harriman and many Russian portraits.

Subseries 5 - Albums: The albums include those of the Yangtze Patrol, China and the Philippines and Russian friends. The memory book of the USS Asheville is also in this group.

Subseries 6 - Negatives: There are two boxes of negatives.

Container List

Box Folder  
1-4 Outgoing 1967-1996
5-11 Incoming 1960 – 1998
12 Jean Guillibert
13 Flick Price
14 Personal Incoming
15 Orphaned sheets and envelopes
Box Folder
2 Authors, Military, Researchers
1 Joseph Alsop
2 William Bernreider
3 Admiral George Dyer
4 "Hoss" Epperson China research
5 Thomas Hart
6 Ambassador Loy Henderson
7 Writer Theodore Lippman
8 Henry and Clare Luce
9 Mrs. John McDonald, daughter ADM Newton McCully
10 Maxey and Frances Mayo
11 Dan Mullin
12 Chester Nimitz 1960-1964
13 Various noted authors: Hersey, Morison, Wouk etc
14 South African Ambassador Koordorf
15 John Toland
16 George Roullard 1972-1980
17 Barbara Tuchman
Box Folder
3 Lieutenant Commander Charles C. Hiles
1-6 Incoming, Charles Hiles 1966-1978
7-8 Outgoing, Charles Hiles, 1966-1971
Box Folder
4 1-3 Outgoing, Charles Hiles, 1972-1978
Former Shipmates
4 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet A, 1984-[1998]
5-6 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet B, 1967-[1998]
7-9 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet C, 1971-[1998]
Box Folder
5 1-2 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet D, 1971-[1998]
3 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet E, 1983-[1998]
4-5 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet F, 1971-[1998]
6-7 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet G, 1971-[1998]
8-9 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet H, 1969-[1998]
Box Folder
6 1 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet J, 1965-[1998]
2 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet K, 1984-[1998]
3 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet L, 1974-[1998]
4-5 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet M, 1963-[1998]
6 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet N, 1977-[1998]
7 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet O, 1973-[1998]
8 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet P, 1985-[1998]
9 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet R, 1976-[1998]
10-11 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet S, 1967-[1998]
Box Folder
7 1 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet T, 1974-[1998]
2 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet V, 1980-[1998]
3 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet W, 1979-[1998]
4 Former shipmates Asiatic Fleet Y-Z, 1988-[1998]
Publishers and Publishing
5 American Heritage 1967-1976
6 Chesapeake Bay Magazine
7 Naval Historical Foundation
8 Retired Officers Magazine
9 Shipmate
10 US Naval Institute Proceedings
11 Other Publishers
12 Publishing Advice General
13 Publishing Advice Charles Adair
14 Publishing Advice Joseph Enright
15 Publishing Advice Bettsy Shaw
Box Folder
8 1 Rejection Letters
2 Solicitations Submissions
3-9 To parents, 1924-1932
Box Folder
9 1-6 To parents, 1933-1936
Box Folder
10 1-11 To parents, 1937-1947
Box Folder
11 1-7 To parents, 1948-1954
Box Folder
12 1-7 To parents, 1955-1961
Box Folder
13 Family
1 Family - School and Camp
2 Family - Mrs. Passano Tolley
3 Family - Mrs. Vlada Tolley
5 "Green Bowlers"
6 Retired Officers
7 East Carolina
8 Ballston Spa
9 Letters to the Editor
10 Recommendation for award USCG
11 Citizenship help Crispin Almadin
12 Commercial, 1966-1970
13 Commercial, 1971-1987
14 Rabbi Berger (anti Zionism)
15 Invitations to Speak
16 Medical
17 Bills, 1929-1939
Box Folder
1 Appointment to the Academy
2 Midshipman Cruise, 1927
3 Early School Paper
4 Book of Midshipman’s Store accounts
5 Book of photogravures, 1896
6-7 Midshipman diary
8 Annual Register USNA 1925-6
9 French notebook
10-12 Reef Points, 1925/26-1928/29
13 Welding class notes
14 Trident October, 1925
Box Folder
15 United States Naval Academy Class of 1929
1-5 United States Naval Academy Class of 1929 Muster Notes, 1949-1979
6-7 Photographs
8 Correspondence (Class of '29)
9 Reunion [Correspondence]
Box Folder
16 1 Booklets, Registers and St. John's College
2 Reunion Book, 1954
Box Folder
1 Bound set of orders, 1929-1940
2 Orders, 1931-1933
3 Orders, 1947-1961
4 Orders to Asiatic Fleet as Language Student
5 Retirement orders, 1959-1963
Box Folder
18 Career-Related Papers
1 Report of Naval Observers, 1921
2 Shipboard Description, 1929-1930
3 Despatches from the USS Texas and the USS Canopus, 1931-1933
4 Executive Officer [Account Book], 1939-1940
5 Miscellaneous Early Correspondence, 1939-1949
6 Papers incidental to retirement
7 Recall to duty, 1967
8 Professional Information, 1942-1955
9 Professional Information, 1956-1961
10 Officer retention/recruiting
Box Folder
1 General Research Queries, 1965-1974
2 General Research Queries, 1975-1999
3 Queries operational archives Naval Historical Center
4 Alcohol in Navies
5 Espionage
6 Torpedoes
7 Medals
8 Requests for photographs
9 Biographical information President Jimmy Carter
10 President Eisenhower controversy
11 President J F Kennedy assassination
12 Douglas MacArthur
13 George C. Marshall
14 President Franklin D. Roosevelt
15 US government (Congress, President)
16 State Government officials
17 Obituaries
Box Folder
20 Unpublished Notes
1 Pre publication anecdotes, sea stories, 1962-1971
2 Pre publication anecdotes, sea stories, 1972-1987
3 Undated Notes
4 Notes for a new book
5 POWs
6 POWs Makassar
7 Wu Hu Hospital
8 Various Manuscripts
9 Poems and Sea Shanties
Box Folder
21 Ship Research
1 Bound publication; USS Asheville
2 Bound publication; USS Canopus
3 USS Houston
4 USS Liberty
5 USS Luzon
6 USS North Carolina
7 Log and Roster USS Oahu
8 USS Panay
9 USS Trinity
10 USS Wyoming
11 Miscellaneous ships
12 Print materials Miscellaneous ships
Box Folder
22 Service Notes
1 US Air Force notes
2 US Army notes
3 US Marine Corps stories
4 US Navy Correspondence/research
5 Navy Museum Inquiries
6 Miscellaneous clippings
7 Miscellaneous print materials
Box Folder
23 Personal Interests and Considered Opinions
1-2 Notebooks detailing correspondence
3 Biography and career summation
4 Biofeedback
5 Awards/recognition
6 Letters of appreciation
7 Genealogy Tolley Family
8 Fitness reports
9 History Corbet/Monkton
10 Arguments for respect
11 Tailhook opinions
12 Universal ship cancellation society
13 North American Society for Oceanic History
14 Admiral Nimitz Center, Fredericksburg, Texas
15 Participation other organizations
16 Richard McKenna High School
17 Miscellaneous farming related
18 Guarantees
19 Last Will and Testament of Lydia Dimitrievna Lipinski
Box Folder
24 Pearl Harbor/Husband Kimmel
1 Pearl Harbor ONI information
2 Pearl Harbor Study Group
3 Pearl Harbor Miscellaneous printed materials
4 Bataan and Corregidor
5 Philippines
6 Manila Bay printed materials
7 Research Panama/Cuba
8 Book related notes
Box Folder
25 1 Interview: ADM Fukuda
2 Interview: Kita Message
3 Interview: ADM McCollum
4 Interview: Percy interview Stark/Morrell
5 Correspondence: ADM Stark
6 Interview: ADM Standley
7 Merle-Smith message
8 War Warnings
9 Correspondence Pearl Harbor, 1966-1973
10 Correspondence Pearl Harbor, 1974-1995
11 Correspondence Pearl Harbor, Dr. Barnes, 1967
12 Correspondence Pearl Harbor, Larry Safford
13 Correspondence Pearl Harbor, authors Costell, Pineau
14 Declassified documents, mostly photocopied, Pearl Harbor
Box Folder
26 1 Bound notes for summation
2 Printed articles on Husband Kimmel
3 Correspondence Husband Kimmel and Kimmel family
4 Correspondence Ned Beach (Kimmel)
5 Correspondence Martin Merson (Kimmel)
Box Folder
27 Documentation of Major Publications
1 China/Shanghai
2 China/Tsingtao
3 China Ephemera
4 Miscellaneous clippings
5 China Articles
6-7 Correspondence/research Asiatic Fleet
8 Yangtze Patrol Replies to request for reminiscences
Box Folder
28 1-2 Notes Yangtze Patrol
3 Correspondence/research Yangtze Patrol 1969-1971
4 Correspondence/research Yangtze Patrol 1972
5 Correspondence/research Yangtze Patrol 1973-1977
6 Correspondence/research Yangtze Patrol 1978-1987
7 Correspondence Yangtze Patrol post publication
8 Correspondence undated, telegrams etc.
Box Folder
29 1 Lanikai Orders
2 Early notes and map Lanikai
3-4 Unpublished notes/research Lanikai
5 Lanikai/Hermes Ship
6 Correspondence Fred K. Klebingat Lanikai/Hermes
7 San Francisco Maritime Museum Lanikai/Hermes
8 Admiral Layton vs Professor France - Three Small Ships
9 Charles Hiles Lanikai rewrite
Box Folder
30 1 Log of the Lanikai, 1941
2 Correspondence/Research 1962-1970
3 Correspondence/Research, 1971
4 Correspondence/Research, 1972
5 Correspondence/Research, 1973
6 Correspondence/Research, 1974
7 Correspondence/Research, 1975
8 Correspondence/Research, 1976-1979
9 Correspondence/Research, 1980-1994
10 Lanikai recognition Bronze Star
Box Folder
31 1-2 Notes on Russia
3 Correspondence Russia 1967-1974
4 Correspondence Russia 1975-1979
5 Correspondence Russia 1980-1997
6 Correspondence Russia post publication Caviar and Commisars
7 Correspondence Russia Ambassador Faymonville
8 Russia News clippings
9 Russian Language Studies
10 Baltimore Council International Visitors
11 USSR/USA Ship visits
12 Russia Commemoration of 50th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War
Box Folder
32 1 Russia declassified material
2 Mikasa Restoration
3 Press releases Mikasa restoration
4 Correspondence Sasebo (mostly Godsoe)
5 Newsletter Sasebo
6 Correspondence Yokosuka
7 Personal Correspondence Yokosuka (mostly Nagano family)
8 Fleet activity reports Yokosuka
9 Japan miscellaneous printed materials
Box Folder
1 Amid These Storms: Letters and Dispatches of CDR Hugo Koehler; 1917-1922
2 Preliminary draft From Giffin to River Rat: A J.G. on the Long River, by Rear Admiral Clarence E. Coffin
3 Low Water Above Hankou, by Commander Jerome Addison Lee
Box Folder
34 1 Diary of Daniel H. Storey, Electrician 2nd Class, 1909-1913
2 Journal of the European Cruise USS Mount Olympus (AGC 8) 1952
3 Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr. A Hell of a War Uncorrected proof
4 Beach, Edward. Run Silent, Run Deep Autographed copy
5 Regulations of USNA 1923
Box Folder
35 1 Review/edit EB Potter
2 Book Reviews written
3 Book Reviews print
4 Criticism of articles by Tolley
5 Praise of articles about Tolley
6 Criticism Robert Love
7 Book White Chinese
Box Folder
1 Scroll of nautical meanings
2 USNA ephemera
3 Ephemera 1929-1930
4 Good dining in Sasebo
5 Early steam navigation in China
6 So, you’re coming to Japan
7 How to find your way around
8 History of Communications Intelligence in the US with emphasis on the Navy
9 The Russian Revolution childhood recollections of Princess Tatiana Galitzine 1972
10 USS Houston (CA 30) in poetry
11 Radio Security Station Fourth Marine Regiment, Shanghai, China 1924-1928/1935-1940
12 Riding shotgun on the Yangtze
13 Strategic Considerations of WWII
14 Excelsior (description upper Yangtze)
15 Two Soviet posters (one of Victoriya Fyodorova)
16 Folder of ephemera relating to life in the Asiatic Fleet
17 Russia Ephemera
18 Russia Poster
Box Folder
37 1 Collection of ships' menus
2 Collection of ships' cards
3 Album sinking of the Panay
4 Dedication of the USS Houston (CA 30)
5 USS Osage (LSV3) 1944 - 1994
6 USS Triton (SS 201)
7 USS President Adams (APA 19)
Box Folder
1 Yangtze River Gunboats Bound Log
2 Newsletters China Connection
3 Newsletters Corregidor and Japan Quan
4 Ships Newsletters 1
5 Ships Newsletters 2
6 Gator Newsletter
7 Miscellaneous Newsletters, Bulletins
8 Sea Classics
9 Speeches
Box Folder
39 1-7 Yangtze Patrol Newsletters, 1979-1997
Box Folder
40 1-7 China Gunboatman (mockups), 1991-1996
Box Folder
41 1-5 China Gunboatman print, 1986-1996
Box Folder
42 1-4 China Gunboatman print, 1997-2000
5 China Gunboatman (Miscellaneous and Membership Lists)
6 YRPA/SCPA Merger Information, 1999
7 China Gunboatman - Photographs, 1991-1997
8 China Gunboatman - Photographs (Copies), 1991-1997
Box Folder
43 1-3 China Gunboatman (mockups) 1997-1998 and undated
4-6 China Gunboatman (mockups) miscellaneous loose pages
Box Folder
44 1 Yangtze Patroller - Miscellaneous Copies, 1979-1988
2-5 Yangtze Patroller (mockups)
Box Folder
1 Rosters Asiatic Fleet, 1929-1941
2 Navy directories and rosters, Asiatic Fleet
3 Fourth US Marines telephone directory 1935; 1940
4 Navy directories and rosters, Yokosuka
5 Navy directories and rosters, Armed Forces Staff College
6 Other rosters
Box Folder
1 YRPA /Origin/Merger/Disband
2 Reminiscences YRPA members
3 Correspondence/research Logo, stamp, etc.
4 YRPA Programs Reunions
5 Membership lists YRPA/SCPA
6 South China Patrol Association (regulations)
7 SCPA Reunions
8 Correspondence Jerry Golnik, YRPA President 1983-1987
9 Correspondence YRPA Reunion Boats Knickerbocker
10 Correspondence Roy Stratton Sino American Cooperative Organization (SACO)
11 China Repository
1 Asia/China, Seaplane Launch, etc
2 Asia/China, Navy Divers, Target Practice
3 Turbine Construction
4 U.S.S. Enterprise Fire
Box Folder
48 XI. PHOTOGRAPHS/Trips Taken Throughout Asia
1 Travels Tehran, Katmandu
2 Trips Bangkok, New Delhi, Tunisia
Women, Friends and Family
3 Family and Friends
4 Friends and Family
5 Kemp Tolley and Family
6 Monkton
7 Monkton and Visitors
8 Reunion Asiatic Fleet
Box Folder
49 1 Women
2-4 Unidentified Photographs from Russia (Mostly Women)
Ships and Duty Stations
5 Assorted (Russian) Photographs
6 Assorted Small Photographs
7 China
Box Folder
50 1-2 China and Asiatic Fleet
3 China and Philippines
4 China: Yangtze River Patrol
5 Convoy Como
6 Hiroshima, Japan
7 Japan
8 JMSDF Contacts - Yokosuka
9 Lanikai
10 Miscellaneous - China
11 Miscellaneous - Japan
12 Miscellaneous - Russia
Box Folder
51 1 Patriarch Funeral
2 Quarters - Yokosuka, Japan
3 Russia
4 Russia (Enlargements)
5 Ships
6 Siberia (Our Russian War)
7 Suvorov Military School, Kalinin
8-11 Unidentified Photographs from Japan
12 U.S.S. North Carolina
13 Yokosuka, Japan
Box Folder
52 Portraits
1 Alexander Povishkin
2 Averill Harriman in Russia
3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Cordell Hull
4-6 Kemp Tolley
7 Men of the Asiatic Fleet
8 Rifle Team - National Matches, Perry, Ohio, 1929
9 Russia and Officers
10-11 Russian Portraits
12 Unidentified Group Photographs
Box Folder
53 Albums
1 Photograph Album - USNA and Earlier
2 Small Album - Russia
3 In Memory of My Cruise in the Orient on U.S.S. Huron
4-5 Yangtze (Album)
Box Folder
54 1 Loose Album Photographs, 1930
2 Photograph Album - China (inscribed Andrew Henry)
3 Personal Album - Russian Friends
4 U.S.S. Asheville Memory Book
55 Negatives
Negatives I
56 Negatives II
57[OS] Ships and Duty Stations (Oversize)
Yangtze Gorge
Portraits (Oversize)
Kemp Tolley
Autographed Group Portrait of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stark, King and Marshall
Averill Harriman
Russian, British and American Officers
United States Naval Academy Class of 1929
58[OS] Albums (Oversize)
1 Yangtze Patrol Photo Album
2 Photograph Album - China (mostly Tolley and Friends Ashore)
3 Photograph Album - China and the Philippines (Cover says F.E. Bitting)
Box Item
59[OS] Ships and Duty Stations (Oversize)
1 Fleet Activities - Yokosuka
VI. EPHEMERA (Oversize)
2 Fourth Company Poster
3 Japanese Poster and Letter of Appreciation
4-6 Soviet Posters
Box Item
1 Diploma, June 6, 1929
2 Varsity Letter Certificate - Rifle Team, 1927-1928
3 Varsity Letter Certificate - Rifle Team, 1929
III. NAVAL CAREER DOCUMENTS/Career-Related Papers (Oversize)
4 Commission - Ensign, June 6, 1929
5 Commission - Lieutenant junior grade, January 30, 1933
6 Commission - Lieutenant, December 8, 1937
7 Commission - Lieutenant Commander, March 1, 1943
8 Commission - Commander, April 19, 1948
9 Commission - Captain, August 20, 1951