Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, 1993.
Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, 1993.

Guide to the Louise C. Wilmot Papers, 1918; 1964-1999 [Bulk 1964-1997]

MS 414

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Special Collections & Archives Department,
Nimitz Library

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Prepared by: David D'Onofrio

October 2010

Descriptive Summary

The Louise C. Wilmot Papers were donated to the Special Collections & Archives Department by Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot. Accession No. 10-27.
5.75 linear feet.
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Biographical Sketch

Louise Currie Wilmot was born on December 31, 1942 in Wayne, New Jersey to Woodrow and Dorothy Currie. After completing high school, Wilmot attended the College of Saint Elizabeth, graduating in June 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Upon graduation, Wilmot entered the United States Navy, and in August of that year, received a commission as an ensign from the Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.

Wilmot's first assignment following her commissioning was as a Communications Watch Officer, Registered Publications Custodian, and Women's Barrack Officer at Naval Air Station, Pensacola. Two years later, in December 1966, Wilmot was assigned to the NATO Staff of Allied Forces, Southern Europe in Naples, Italy (now the Allied Joint Force Command Naples), where she performed communications and training duties.

At the conclusion of her tour in Italy, Wilmot returned to the U.S. in 1969 to begin her first of four tours in naval recruiting. As a member of the staff of Recruiting Area Seven in Dallas, Texas, Wilmot recruited in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and northern Texas. In 1971, she was assigned to the Office of Legislative Affairs as a Naval Senate Liaison Officer. Three years later, Wilmot was transferred to the Bureau of Naval Personnel as Head of the Women's Equal Opportunity Branch. After her tour with Naval Personnel, Wilmot returned to the recruiting field in August 1977 as Executive Officer for Navy Recruiting District, Montgomery, Alabama. While serving in Alabama, Wilmot also opted to further her education, graduating from the Naval War College's curriculum in Strategy, Management,and Naval Operations in July 1977, and from George Washington University with a Master of Arts in Legislative Affairs in 1978 (Wilmot would ultimately graduate from National Defense University's Institute of Higher Defense Studies Capstone course in 1989).

In October 1979, Wilmot received her first command when she was transferred to Navy Recruiting District, Omaha, Nebraska. Upon leaving Omaha in July 1982, Wilmot returned to Washington, DC in order to serve as Deputy Director for Accession Policy in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower, Installations, and Logistics. In August 1985, Wilmot began her fourth and final tour in recruiting when she received command of Navy Recruiting Area Five, headquartered in Great Lakes, Illinois. After two years in Great Lakes, she began the last of her four tours in Washington, DC, serving as Executive Assistant and Naval Aide to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

In December 1988, Wilmot was selected for promotion to Rear Admiral, making her the tenth woman selected for flag rank in the United States Navy (her promotion became official on January 1, 1991). Shortly after her selection, Wilmot received command of Naval Training Center, Orlando, Florida. Two years later, on June 24, 1991, she became Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training. In June 1993, Wilmot received her final command when she was selected to begin preparations for the closure of Naval Base Philadelphia. On August 18, 1994, Wilmot retired from the United States Navy, having accepted a position at Catholic Relief Services as deputy executive director for public outreach.

Scope and Content Note

The Louise C. Wilmot Papers, comprising 5.75 linear feet of documentation, span from 1964 to 1999, with one item dating from 1918. The papers pertain primarily to Wilmot's roles as Commander of the Naval Training Center in Orlando, Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training, and as Commander of Naval Base Philadelphia, as well as her work in expanding the role of women in the Navy.

The collection consists of speeches, letters, memoranda, invitations, event programs, pamphlets, press clippings, audiovisual recordings, certificates, photographs, and artifacts.

The Wilmot papers are organized into six records series by document type and subject scope. UNITED STATES NAVY FILES consists of personal and official materials pertaining largely to Wilmot's commands of Naval Training Center Orlando and Naval Base Philadelphia, as well as her time as Vice Chief of Naval Education. A number of files also pertain to Wilmot's selection to flag rank and the role of women in the Navy. The series also includes a limited amount of material regarding Wilmot's retirement and tenure with Catholic Relief Services. Transcripts of speeches delivered by Wilmot throughout her U.S. Navy career comprise SPEECHES. CERTIFICATES AND PLAQUES consists of various military awards, civilian certificates of appreciation, and Wilmot's U.S. Navy commissions. Notable events throughout Wilmot's career, including change of command ceremonies, awards ceremonies, and her retirement, are depicted in the prints found in PHOTOGRAPHS. Physical objects relating to Wilmot's Navy career, including her dog tags, insignia pins, and Defense Superior Service Medal, are housed within REALIA AND EPHEMERA. The collection's final series, AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS, consists largely of VHS recordings of some of Wilmot's speeches, change of command ceremonies, interviews, and news coverage pertaining to various aspects of Wilmot's career. The series also includes several audio cassettes, including one recording of a choir concert featuring Wilmot.

Research interests served by the Wilmot Papers include the personal and professional history of Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, and the role of women in the United States Armed Forces, specifically, the Navy.

Series Descriptions

UNITED STATES NAVY FILES, 1964-1999 (Boxes 1-3 and 13 [OS])

Organized into three sub-series by duty station or document type.

Documentation of Wilmot's career as an officer in the United States Navy, as well as her interests in the role and history of women in the Navy.

The use of several items throughout the series is restricted due to the presence of personally identifiable information.

General: Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Documents pertaining to, and spanning the entirety of Wilmot's career in the U.S. Navy, including her initial appointment, transfer to the regular Navy, promotion to Rear Admiral, interest and advocacy in the role of women in the Navy, and post-retirement affiliation with Catholic Relief Services. More specifically, materials pertaining to the role of women in the Navy concern NROTC scholarships for women, the National Convention of Navy Women, the National Security Forum for Women, and women's career limitations. Included in the series are incoming and outgoing letters, greeting cards, memoranda, pamphlets, invitations, photographic slides, and event programs.

Commander, Naval Training Center and Vice Chief, Naval Education and Training: Arranged alphabetically by topic and document type.

Documentation relating to Wilmot's time as Commander of the Naval Training Center in Orlando, and as Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training in Pensacola. The materials pertain to events held at the two commands, organizational structure, Wilmot's speaking engagements, volunteerism, sexual harassment, and the treatment of women at the Orlando Naval Training Center. Included in the sub-series are incoming and outgoing letters, forms, memoranda, pamphlets, invitations, event programs, reports, press releases, biographical sketches, copies of certificates, and speeches.

Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia: Arranged alphabetically by topic and document type.

Documentation of Wilmot's command of Naval Base Philadelphia. The materials in this sub-series primarily relate to Wilmot's receipt of command, Wilmot's retirement, the impending closure of Naval Base Philadelphia, and the role of women in the Navy. Included in the sub-series are incoming and outgoing letters, press clippings, memoranda, event programs, invitations, directories, and a scrapbook.

SPEECHES, 1991-1995 (Boxes 3-7)

Arranged chronologically by command or duty station.

Speeches delivered by Wilmot in her capacities as Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training and Commander of Naval Base Philadelphia. The speeches were delivered at a variety of events, including graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, retirements, reunions, promotion ceremonies, changes of command, professional association meetings, and women's group meetings.

Included in the series are two speeches from Wilmot's retirement ceremony, including one delivered by Admiral [William J.] Flanagan, as well as one dating from after Wilmot's retirement from the U.S. Navy.

CERTIFICATES AND PLAQUES, 1964-1996 (Boxes 7-8 and 13-14 [OS])

Organized into four sub-series by document type.

Certificates and plaques, including diplomas, military awards, government proclamations, and certificates of appreciation bestowed upon Wilmot throughout her career in the U.S. Navy.

Military Decorations: Arranged chronologically by date of issuance.

Decorations and commendations bestowed upon Wilmot by the United States Navy and the United States Department of Defense. An accompanying medallion for the Defense Superior Service Medal is located in REALIA AND EPHEMERA.

Commissions: Arranged chronologically by date of issuance.

Wilmot's U.S. Navy commissions for the ranks of Ensign, Lieutenant (junior grade), Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, and Commander.

General Certificates: Arranged alphabetically by issuing body.

Certificates issued to Wilmot throughout, and shortly after her career in the U.S. Navy. Included among the certificates are proclamations establishing Louise C. Wilmot Day; memberships in the Women Officers' Professional Association and the Maryland Governor's Commission on Military Monuments; diplomas and academic awards from National Defense University, the Naval War College, and the University of Maryland; honorary citizenships; and certificates of appreciation from military and civilian organizations.

Plaques: Arranged alphabetically by issuing body.

Two plaques bearing the seals of the Turkish Navy and the Directorate General of Education of the Ecuadorian Navy, respectively.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1972-1994 (Boxes 8 and 14 [OS])

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Black-and-white and color photographic prints depicting various events from Wilmot's career in the United States Navy. Events depicted include awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, and conferences (such as the Navy Women's National Convention). In addition to loose prints, the series also includes one album.

Notable individuals depicted in the series include Alabama Governor George Wallace, Massachusetts Governor William Weld, Senator Claiborne Pell, Vice Admiral John H. Fetterman, Rear Admiral (then Captain) Fran McKee, and Mother Theresa. Several of the aforementioned photographs are also autographed or inscribed.

Among the photographs are several public affairs images of Navy women aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer in 1972.

REALIA AND EPHEMERA, 1985-1997 (Boxes 8-9)

Arranged alphabetically by material type.

Physical objects pertaining to and collected by Wilmot during, and shortly after, her career in the United States Navy. Included in the series are military insignia, military medals awarded to Wilmot, dog tags, a flight jacket name badge, flags carried by the Red Cross during the Persian Gulf War, and an I Corps medallion, as well as two medals and a key chain from the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.

AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS, 1985-1996 (Boxes 9-12)

Organized into two sub-series by media format.

Audio: Arranged alphabetically by title.

Audio recordings of change of command ceremonies, a guest radio appearance by Wilmot, and a choir concert. Included in the sub-series are audio cassettes.

Video: Arranged alphabetically by title or topic.

Video recordings of Wilmot's public appearances and special events, as well as local television news coverage thereof. The events include change of command ceremonies, farewell parties, parades, commencement speeches, conference panels, and interviews for both television and Navy training videos. Included in the sub-series are VHS cassettes and one U-matic cassette. Several of the recordings pertain to the topics of sexual harassment and women in the Navy.

Container List

Box Folder  
1 Appointments and Commissions, 1964-1965 (RESTRICTED)

Includes materials pertaining to Wilmot's transfer to the regular Navy.

2 Awards and Citations, 1981 and 1989 (RESTRICTED)

Documents relating to Wilmot's Meritorious Unit Commendation and Legion of Merit.

3 Catholic Relief Services, 1996-1997 and undated
4 Flag Rank Selection - Correspondence, December 1988 - March 1989

Includes letters from Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy "Mike" Boorda, Admiral Frank B. Kelso, and John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York.

5-7 Flag Rank Selection - Correspondence (Greeting Cards), December 1988 - January 1989
8 National Defense University - Capstone Course Materials, 1989
9 Navy Recruiting District Omaha - Correspondence, 1981-1982

Attached to one item of correspondence is a stick of Big Red chewing gum.

10 Personal Correspondence, 1982, 1999
11 Rear Admiral Fran McKee Retirement - Invitation, [1981]
12 United States Naval War College - Class of 1977 Duty Assignments, [1977]
13 United States Naval Women Officer School - Graduation Program, 1964
14 Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers - Pamphlet, March 1964
15 Women in the Military - Brochures and Pamphlets, 1989, 1992, and undated

Includes programs for the National Convention of Navy Women and a WAVES recruiting brochure.

16 Women in the Military - Career Limitations, 1967-1984

Includes a copy of the 1984 General Unrestricted Line Career Pattern Study.

17 Women in the Military - Chronology of Women in the Naval Service, undated
18 Women in the Military - General Correspondence, 1978

Letter from Margaret Brewer, first female Marine Corps Brigadier General.

19 Women in the Military - Loretto Perfectus Walsh Historical Marker Dedication Program, 1995
20 Women in the Military - Museum of Navy Women Materials, 1989
21-22 Women in the Military - National Security Forum for Women Materials, 1985
23 Women in the Military - NROTC Scholarship Materials, 1974
24 Women in the Military - Press Clippings, 1976-1986 and undated

Includes biographical material on Wilmot.

Box Folder
2 1 Women in the Military - Women in Military Service for American Memorial Materials, 1997
An accompanying medal is located in REALIA AND EPHEMERA.
2 Women in the Military - "Women in the Navy" Brief, 1976

Includes briefing slides.

3 Women in the Military - Women in the Navy Training Roster, April [1988]
4 Women's Issues (General) - Correspondence, 1976 and 1981

Includes correspondence pertaining to the exploitative use of models in product catalogs and the sexist tone of Effective Management by David Lawless.

Commander, Naval Training Center and Vice Chief, Naval Education and Training
5 Awards and Citations, 1992
6 Biographical Materials, 1990-1991 and undated
7 Change of Command Ceremonies, 1991 and undated
8 Committee on Women in the NATO Forces, 1993

Includes copies of Wilmot's briefing remarks and a Navy pamphlet on gender-integrated training.

9 Committee on Women in the NATO Forces - Travel Documents, 1993 (RESTRICTED)
10 Correspondence - General, 1992-1993

Includes a congratulatory letter from Representative Ike Skelton and a note pertaining to gays in the military.

11 Correspondence - Sexual Harassment and Women's Health Issues, June 1, 1992
12 Correspondence - Speaking Engagements, 1992-1993
13 Event Programs, 1990, 1993 and undated
14 Memoranda, 1990-1991

Includes authorization to assume the title of Rear Admiral, a designation as military representative to DACOWITS (Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services), and a memo regarding an Admiral's Mast convened regarding alleged misconduct.

15 Organization Charts, 1990 and undated

Charts for the Naval Training Center Orlando and the Naval Education and Training Command.

16 Orlando Naval Training Center Closure Recommendation and Justification, undated
17 Press Clippings, 1990 and 1992

Includes a copy of the 1991-1992 Annual Report for the College of Saint Elizabeth.

18 Press Release, May 13, 1993

Release regarding Wilmot's receipt of two honorary degrees.

19 Report - Review of the Treatment of Women at the Naval Training Center, Orlando, June 4, 1991
20 Schedule, June 1992
21 UWF Radio Interview Talking Points, March 11, 1993

Includes talking points for sexual harassment, core values education, NROTC, and staff reorganization.

22 Volunteer Service Awards, 1991

Materials pertaining to the President's Volunteer Action Award and the Walt Disney World Community Service Awards.

Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia
23 Change of Command Ceremonies, 1993-1994

Includes materials pertaining to Wilmot's retirement.

24 Correspondence - General, 1993

Includes a letter from A. C. Spencer, Director of the Women's Royal Naval Service.

25 Correspondence - General, 1994

Includes letters regarding the Dr. Martin Luther King Award for Outstanding Service to the African American Catholic Community, and a job offer from Catholic Relief Services, as well as a letter from Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence - Retirement, 1993-1994

Includes farewell letters and letter pertaining directly to Wilmot's retirement ceremony.

2 DACOWITS (Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services) Directories, 1993-1994
3 George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awards, 1993-1994
4 Graduation Programs, 1995 and 1997

Programs for graduations at which Wilmot received honorary degrees.

5 Memoranda - Retirement, 1994 (RESTRICTED)
6 Memorandum - Supply Corps Selection Board, November 5, 1993
7 Newsletters, 1994

Newsletters pertaining to the closure of Naval Base, Philadelphia, as well as an article by Wilmot regarding the easing of restrictions on the assignment of women in the Navy.

8 Press Clippings - Change of Command, 1993-1994
9 Press Clippings - General, 1993-1996

Includes articles regarding the Independence Seaport Museum, the closure of Naval Base Philadelphia, and biographical data on Wilmot.

10 Scrapbook, 1992-1994

Pertains to Wilmot's change of command, special events presided over by Wilmot, and awards bestowed upon Wilmot.

11 Statement of Service, 1994 (RESTRICTED)
12 Speech Book No. 1, July 19 - 31, 1991

Service School Command Change of Command, ITRO (Interservice Training Review Organization) Steering Committee Meeting, Navy Commendation Medal Presentation, and Florida A&M NROTC Change of Command.

13 Speech Book No. 1, August 1 - September 7, 1991

Promotion of Commander Doug DeLong, Promotion of Lieutenant Commander To McCoy, Chicago White Sox Special Recruit Swearing In Ceremony, Nurse Graduation, Women's Equality Day, PSA Pensacola Change of Command, and Aviation Officer Candidate School Graduation.

14 Speech Book No. 1, September 7 - November 2, 1991

Volunteer Center of Central Florida Awards Banquet, DANTES/UWF (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education/University of West Florida) Luncheon, Senior Officer Course in Military Justice, Private Industry Council Welcome, Combined "A" Schools Graduation, Legion of Merit Presentation to Captain Windholz, ITRO (Interservice Training Review Organization) Executive Board Meeting, and Navy-Marine Birthday Ball.

Box Folder
4 1 Speech Book No. 1, November 15, 1991 - January 7, 1992

Chaplain Corps Anniversary Dinner, Introduction of Under Secretary of the Navy at Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Conference, University of Kansas Joint Service Ball, Texas A&M Sea Services Ball, and Department of Defense Executive Leadership Development Program Banquet.

2 Speech Book No. 2, January 14 - 31, 1992

NJROTC Area Managers Conference, Intermediate Leadership Management Education and Training Course Graduation, American Association of University Women Annual Joint Meeting, Whiting Winging, and Women's Council of Realtors Million Dollar Banquet.

3 Speech Book No. 2, February 14 - 20, 1992

Education Equity Roundtable, First Presbyterian and First Methodist Churches Youth Fellowship, Captain Wynn Eliason Retirement, CNET Medical Commander's Conference, and Women Officers' Professional Association.

4 Speech Book No. 2, February 21 - March 5, 1992

Bay Area Women's Officers Professional Association, Naval technical Training Center Change of Command, Commander Gil Wagner's Retirement, Liberty Sertoma Club Luncheon, Second Gulf Coast Regional Master Chief Conference, and the 75th Anniversary of Red Cross aboard NAS Pensacola Luncheon.

5 Speech Book No. 2, March 6 - 12, 1992

801 Housing Groundbreaking Ceremony, Navy Seabee Fiftieth Anniversary Ball, Greater Corpus Christi Chapter of Federally Employed Women, Corpus Christi WOPA (Women Officers' Professional Association), and the Naval Coastal Systems Center women's History Month Luncheon.

6 Speech Book No. 2, March 19 - April 2, 1992

Vanderbilt University NROTC Lab, Hobbs Middle School Career Seminar, and the American Society of Military Comptrollers.

7 Speech Book No. 3, April 3 - 30, 1992

Reenlistment of Hospital Corpsman Delia M. Ellis, Lunch with NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Class #9205, Navy League NJROTC Drill and Field Meet, Senior Officers Course in Military Justice, University of Oklahoma Pass-in-Reivew, University of Oklahoma Tri-Service Awards Ceremony, and Volunteer Pensacola Awards Luncheon.

8 Speech Book No. 3, April 30 - May 19, 1992

Ombudsman Graduation, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Student Address, Acceptance of the Human Relations in Education Award, Bosses Luncheon with Women Officers' Professional Association (WOPA), Women Officers' Professional Association (WOPA), University of New Mexico NROTC Graduation, and Lunch with NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Class #9206.

9 Speech Book No. 3, May 24 - June 30, 1992

Salute to Veterans Celebration Banquet, Admiral Farragut Academy Graduation, Multicultural Awareness/Special Emphasis Week, Award for Lieutenant Commander Norman L. Massengill, flight Surgeon Graduation, NETPMSA (Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity) Change of Command, and NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Luncheon Class #9207.

10 Speech Book No. 4, July 1 - 14, 1992

NJROTC Leadership Academy, Commander Chuck Cadden's Retirement, Personnel Support Activity Change of Command, Naval Training Center Great Lakes Guest of Honor Luncheon, and Admiral's Call at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

11 Speech Book No. 4, July 16 - August 1, 1992

Retired Officers Association Luncheon, Retiring SKCM Moon Mullins, Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Naval Science Instructor Meeting, Captain Neil Davis' Retirement, and Introduction of Rear Admiral Roberta Hazard at the Naval Women's National Convention.

12 Speech Book No. 4, August 7 - 20, 1992

PCO/PXO PNS Conference, NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Luncheon Class # 9208, Introduction of Vice Admiral Robert Kihune, Introduction of Brigadier General Wilma Vaught, Bar Association Naturalization Ceremony, and Command Managed Equal Opportunity.

Box Folder
5 1 Speech Book No. 4, August 25 - September 2, 1992

Savannah Council of the Navy League, Vanderbilt University NROTC Change of Command, Re-enlistment of SKCS Robe Masinsin, Promotion of Commander Glen Montgomery, Captain DeLoach's Retirement, and Award Presentation to Lieutenant Commander Bill Hughen.

2 Speech Book No. 5, September 11 - 18, 1992

Naval Leadership Conference, Leadership Pensacola Retreat for Class of 1993, 50th Anniversary of Original WAVES Banquet, CNET Combined Federal Campaign Kick-Off, and The Retired Officers Club of Sarasota Dinner.

3 Speech Book No. 5, September 21 - 29, 1992

Command Master Chief Ceremony, NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) ROMO Class # 9209, Presentation of Meritorious Service Medal to Commander Florence E. Beatty, and World Class of Work Force Conference.

4 Speech Book No. 5, October 1 - 14, 1992

Family Services Ribbon Cutting, Pilot Program Panel: The Challenge of Leadership in Pensacola Today, NAVEDTRACOM (Naval Education and Training Command) Command Chaplain's Conference, Association of NROTC Colleges and Universities Luncheon, and the Norwich University Navy-Marine Corps Ball.

5 Speech Book No. 5, October 27, 1992 - January 8, 1993

Captain Patricia Lee's Retirement, Panel: "Diversity, Justice, and Unity in the American Military" at the Naval War College Annual Conference on Ethics, NTC Orlando Recruit Review and Graduation, Iowa State University Tri-Service Commissioning, and Professor of Naval Science (PNS) Closing Comments.

6 Speech Book No. 5, January 15 - 20, 1993

Gayfer's Career Council Annual Awards Banquet, NAM to AOC Carolyn Anderson, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication, and NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Luncheon Class # 9303.

7 Speech Book No. 6, January 22 - February 5, 1993

Navy Achievement Medal to Lieutenant Kristen Eggert, Pensacola Naval Air Station Association (PNASA), Farewell to Mr. Andy Seago, and Chief of Naval Education and Training Awards Ceremony.

8 Speech Book No. 6, February 6 - 17, 1993

Escambia Association of Educational Office Personnel, Aviation Ordnance Officer Career Program School, Pensacola Broadcaster's Association, Introduction of Rear Admiral Walter David Jr., and Navy League.

9 Speech Book No. 6, February 18 - March 2, 1993

Bay Area WOPA (Women Officers' Professional Association) Dinner, College of St. Elizabeth Alumnae Association Dinner, Promotion of Lieutenant Commander Becker, and NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Luncheon.

10 Speech Book No. 6, March 11 - 19, 1993

Bullets for University of West Florida Radio Interview, UWF/PJC (University of West Florida/ Pensacola Junior College) Symposium on Women in Transition, Address to Women Midshipmen at Notre Dame University, and Annual Joint Meeting of the Civic and Service Clubs of Pensacola.

11 Speech Book No. 6, March 23 - 31, 1993

International Baccalaureate Students, Camden Kings Bay Navy League, NROTC Jacksonville Visit, Outstanding Women of the Sea Services, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Kickoff.

Box Folder
6 1 Speech Book No. 7, March 31 - April 8, 1993

Federal women Program (Women's History Month), General Unrestricted Line Community Review, Captain Kathleen Bruyere's Change of Command, University of Florida NROTC Awards Ceremony, and Navy League Dinner Honoring Dr. Gene Hemp.

2 Speech Book No. 7, April 12 - 15, 1993

CNET Staff Total Quality Leadership Training Opening, Opening Remarks for Senior Leadership Seminar (SLS), NORU (Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit) Class # 9305 Luncheon, U.S. Savings Bond Kickoff, and Northwest Florida Psychological Association.

3 Speech Book No. 7, April 16 - 27, 1993

Sacred Heart Hospital/Association of Florida Hospital Auxiliaries, Secretary's Day Breakfast, Pensacola Women's Alliance Spring (State) Conference, and Chief Petty Officers (CPO) Centennial Luncheon.

4 Speech Book No. 7, May 4 - 14, 1993

Outstanding Teacher Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, Civil Engineering Corps (CEC) Luncheon, NORU Class # 9306 Luncheon, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce Planning Retreat, Pensacola Newcomers Club, and Villanova University Commencement and Acceptance of Honorary Degree.

5 Speech Book No. 7, May 15 - 24, 1993

College of St. Elizabeth Commencement, Reenlistment Ceremony for Senior Chief Gail Brown, and Family Service Center Management Training Workshop.

6 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 1, August 3- 31, 1993

Philadelphia National Night Out, U.S.S. Midway Reunion Association Luncheon, Women Officers' Professional Association (WOPA), and Women's Equality Day Lunch.

7 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 1, September 10 - October 2, 1993

Ombudsman Appreciation Luncheon, CPO Induction Ceremony, Senior Career Women's Seminar, U.S.S. Langley 50th Reunion Dinner, and Naval Reserve Readiness Center Commanding Officers Conference.

8 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 1, October 14 - November 5, 1993

Hispanic Heritage Luncheon, Student Leadership Day, New York Navy League Luncheon, Navy 218th Birthday Ball, Naval Medical Clinic Ribbon Cutting, Washington DC WOPA (Women Officers' Professional Association) Luncheon, and Penn Charter Potluck Dinner.

9 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 1, November 6, 1993 - January 23, 1994

Daughter of the American Revolution, Camden County Veterans Day Ceremony, Massachusetts Veterans Day Ceremony, Senior Enlisted Academy Graduation Ceremony, and Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

10 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 2, February 2, 1994

Philadelphia Navy League Dinner and Philadelphia Private Industry Council Board of Directors Meeting.

11 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No.2, March 9-16, 1994

NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Speaker, Benjamin Franklin Union League Luncheon, and Girard College Chapel Service.

Box Folder
7 1 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No.2, March 25-26, 1994

Shipyard Federal Women's Program Speaker and Laurel Hill Mansion.

2 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 2, April 18-21, 1994

Carpenter's Hall and Norristown Business and Professional Women's Club.

3 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 3, April 28 - May 14, 1994

Exercise Tiger 50th Anniversary Memorial, Youth Work Day, Federal Women's Program Luncheon, and The College Club of Niagara Falls Annual Scholarship Luncheon.

4 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 3, May 17-21, 1994

Woman of the Year Award Program, Delaware County Community College Graduation, University of Pennsylvania NROTC Commissioning, and Harcum College Graduation.

5 Speeches as Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia - Book No. 3, June 5 - July 15, 1994

Perkiomen School Graduation, WOPA (Women Officers' Professional Association) Seminar, Captain Betty Sue Anderson Retirement, and Master Chief Fa'aita Retirement.

6 Retirement Speeches, August 18, 1994

Includes remarks by Wilmot and Admiral [William J.] Flanagan at Wilmot's retirement ceremony.

7 Post-Retirement Speeches, May 25, 1995

Johns Hopkins Nursing School Graduation.

8 Meritorious Service Medal (June 1, 1982), June 1982
9 Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge Authorization, August 13, 1983
10 Joint Service Commendation Medal (October 18, 1984), 1984-1985
11 Defense Superior Service Medal (November 13, 1985), November 1985

The accompanying medallion for this award is located in REALIA AND EPHEMERA.

12 Legion of Merit (ca. 1987), [1987]

Citation only.

13 Legion of Merit (February 24, 1989), February 1989
14 Florida Distinguished Service Medal (March 19, 1991), March 1991
15 Legion of Merit (June 7, 1991), June 1991
16 Legion of Merit (June 24, 1993), June 1993
17 Presidential Certificate of Appreciation (ca. August 1994), August 1994
18 Ensign (effective August 21, 1964), July 27, 1964
General Certificates
19 City of Apopka, Florida - Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot Day Proclamation, May 22, 1991
20 City of Niagara Falls - Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot Day Proclamation, April 26, 1994
21 City of Orlando - Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot Day Proclamation, June 4, 1991
22 Outstanding Young Women of America, 1972
23 Rotary Foundation of Rotary International - Paul Harris Fellow, August 1991
24 State of Texas - Honorary Citizen, October 15, 1970
25 Toastmasters International - Charter Member, April 25, 1972
26 United States Air Force Chief of Chaplains - Certificate of Meritorious Service, undated
27 United States Department of the Treasury - Award for Patriotic Service, 1991
28 United States Navy, 1964-1991

Includes certificates for/from the Naval Schools Command Officer Indoctrination Course, Flight Instructor's Indoctrination Group, Naval War College, Navy Junior Officers' Training Corps, the Dental Corps, and Company K084 of the Naval Training Center, Orlando.

Box Folder
8 1 University of Maryland - Certificate of Scholarship, 1969

Also includes a letter regarding the Scholastic Achievement Medallion.

2 Women Officers' Professional Association, 1984-1993

Includes certificates of appreciation and membership, as well as the group's social directory.

3 Awards Ceremony - Legion of Merit, 1989
4 Catholic Relief Services, 1996 and undated

One photograph features Mother Theresa.

5 Change of Command Ceremony - Naval Base Philadelphia, August 1994
6 Change of Command Ceremony - Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity [album], June 26, 1992
7 Change of Command Ceremony - Naval Training Center, Orlando, May 1991
8 Change of Command Ceremony - Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training, undated
9 Farewell Party, August 17, 1994
10 Foreign Officers Visit, 1972

Photograph features, and autographed by, Senator Claiborne Pell.

11 Navy Day Proclamation Signing, October 1977

Photograph features, and autographed by, Alabama Governor George Wallace.

12 Navy Women Visiting U.S.S. Robert A. Owens (Destroyer: DD-827), August 1972
13 Navy Women's National Convention (50th Anniversary of Navy Women), July - August 1992
14 Portraits (Groups), 1988 and 1994

Photographs feature then Rear Admirals Patricia Tracey, Marsha J. "Marty" Evans, and Katharine L. Laughton.

15 Portraits (Groups) - Navy Women at Philadelphia Navy Yard, ca. 1918
16 Portraits (Groups) - Newly Selected Flag Officers, 1989
17 Portraits (Individuals) - McKee, Fran (Captain), undated
18 Portraits (Individuals) - Wilmot, Louise C., 1974-1993
19 Project Uplift [album], December 1990
20 Senior Professional Women's Association, December 1987

Photograph features Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci.

21 Unidentified Conference, 1994
22 Business Cards, [1987-1994]
23 Dog Tags, undated
24 Flags, [1990-1991]

Miniature Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti flags carried by Red Cross staff from Orlando during the Persian Gulf War.

Box Folder
9 1 Insignia, undated

Includes a WAVES insignia pin, a set of cloth Lieutenant's bars, and an Allied Forces Southern Europe insignia (emblem of St. Mark).

2 Medals - Defense Superior Service Medal, 1985

The accompanying certificate for this award is located in CERTIFICATES AND PLAQUES/Military Decorations.

3 Medals - I Corps Medallion, undated
4 Medals - Women in Military Service for America Memorial, [1997]

Accompanying documentation can be found in UNITED STATES NAVY FILES/General. Also includes a key chain.

5 Admiral Louise Wilmot and the COMNAVBASE Choir, undated
6 Change of Command Ceremonies, November 5, 1979 and July 7, 1993

Recordings of Changes of Command for Navy Recruiting District, Omaha, and Naval Base Philadelphia.

Box Folder
10 1 Pensacola Speaks on WCOA Radio: Rear Admiral Wilmot Guest Speaker, May 21, 1993
2 BRAC Hearing: NTC Orlando Hearing, May 3, 1993
3 Cardinal Company, 1986

News Coverage of Navy recruits being sworn in at Busch Stadium before a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

4 Change of Command Ceremony - Captain Louise Wilmot, August 27, 1985
5 Change of Command Ceremony - NTC Orlando, May 1, 1989
6-8 Change of Command - Philadelphia, July 7, 1993

Includes Wilmot's address and local news coverage.

9 Change of Command - Recruit Training Command Orlando, April 7, 1993
10 Change of Command - Recruiting Area 5, June 1989
11 Combined Federal Campaign [U-Matic], 1992
12 DEOMI (Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute) Guest Lecture, March 1, 1990
13 "Exploring the Concepts of Leadership," 1994

Leadership Q&A video for use in training chaplains. Video features Wilmot, Lieutenant General Charles Krulak, and others.

Box Folder
11 1 Frocking Ceremony of Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, May 31, 1990
2-3 "The Full Integration of Women into the Navy," June 18,1996

Interview with Rear Admiral Wilmot.

4 "Goodbye Admiral," [1991]

Compilation of farewell wishes from the staff of Naval Training Center, Orlando.

5 "Hail and Farewell: NTC Orlando," May 31, 1991
6 Inspector General Report on Rape, Sexual Assault, and Fraternization at NTC Orlando, undated

Video of local news coverage.

7 Liberty Weekend, 1986

Coverage of the reopening of the Statue of Liberty in 1986, and of graduation ceremonies from Recruit Training Command Great Lakes.

8 "Memorial Day Celebration: Columbia Missouri," 1992
9 "Memorial Day Highlights: Columbia, Missouri," 1991
10 Mihalowski Hall Dedication Ceremony, 1990
11 Mixed Gender Recruit Company, undated

News coverage of the first mixed gender boot camp graduation at Naval Training Center, Orlando.

12 Perkiomen School Commencement, June 5, 1994

Wilmot served as commencement speaker.

13 Perspective, April 1986

Interview with Wilmot while serving as Commanding Officer of Recruiting Area 5.

Box Folder
12 1 Professional Ethics Conference Panel Discussion "Diversity, Justice and Unity in American Military," November 16, 1992
2 Rear Admiral Wilmot's Farewell Dinner, May 14, 1991
3 Rear Admiral Wilmot's First Review as Rear Admiral, 1990
4 Rear Admiral Wilmot's Reviewing Officer for the 1,142nd Pass in Review, May 31, 1991
5 Recruit Training Command Great Lakes Graduation Review, March 14, 1986
6-7 Recruit Training Command Great Lakes Graduation Review, undated
8 Saturday Scholars, 1992

Video for a local Navy tutoring outreach program.

9 Universal Studios Florida Armed Forces Day, May 18, 1991

Features speeches by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and actor Gerald McRaney.

10 U.S.S. Midway (Aircraft Carrier: CV-41) Reunion, August 20, 1993
11 Vice Admiral Fetterman's Firing, August 1992

Includes news coverage of the resignation of Vice Admiral John H. Fetterman, new Navy regulations on sexual harassment, and an interview with Wilmot regarding women in the Navy.

12 Villanova University Commencement, May 16, 1993
13[OS] UNITED STATES NAVY FILES/Commander, Naval Base Philadelphia (Oversize)
1 Press Clippings, 1993-1994
CERTIFICATES AND PLAQUES/Military Decorations (Oversize)
2 United States Navy - Certificate of Commendation, December 8, 1992

- Department of the Navy - Certificate of Commendation (for the Standing Committee on Military and Civilian Women)

3 Commission Certificates, 1965-1979

- Ensign (effective August 21, 1964), June 28, 1965
- Lieutenant, junior grade (effective February 21, 1966), December 6, 1967
- Lieutenant (effective March 1, 1968), September 20, 1968
- Lieutenant Commander (effective July 1, 1972), November 16, 1977
- Commander (effective June 1, 1979), June 28, 1979

General Certificates
4 General Certificates, 1965-1996 and undated

- Allied Forces Southern Europe - Certificate of Appreciation, 1969
- City of New Orleans - Honorary Citizen, March 3, 1992
- City of Niagara Falls - Resolution Officially Recognizing the Visit of Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, May 14, 1994
- Commonwealth of Kentucky - Kentucky Colonel Commission, December 4, 1986
- Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute - Certificate of Appreciation, February 28, 1986
- Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Orlando - Image of U.S. Marines Raising American Flag over Mount Suribachi, undated

5 General Certificates, 1965-1996 and undated

- National Defense University Institute of Higher Defense Studies - Capstone General and Flag Officer Course Diploma, April 1, 1989
- Office of the Secretary of Defense - Certificate of Appreciation (for service as Deputy Director for Accession Policy), July 12, 1985
- Office of the Secretary of Defense - Certificate of Appreciation (for Department of Defense Leadership Development Program), January 7, 1992
- State of Illinois House of Representatives - Certificate of Recognition, undated
- State of Maryland - Member of the Governor's Commission on Military Monuments, May 15, 1996
- United States Navy - Realm of the Arctic Circle, November 4, 1988
- United States Navy - U.S.S. Glover (Frigate: FF-1098) Honorary Crew Member, July 1, 1986
- YMCA of Lake County - Outstanding Achievement Award, July 23, 1986

Box Item
14[OS] Plaques
1 Armada Del Ecuador, January 1990
2 Turkish Naval Forces (Admiral Orhan Karabulut), January 8, 1990
Box Folder
15[OS] PHOTOGRAPHS (Oversize)
1 Awards Ceremonies, 1985 and 1989

Presentations of Wilmot's Joint Service Commendation and Legion of Merit.

2 Boston Veterans Day Parade, November 11, 1993

Photograph features Wilmot with Massachusetts Governor William Weld.

3 Change of Command Ceremony - Naval Training Center, Orlando, May 1991

Photograph features, and is autographed by Vice Admiral John H. Fetterman.

4 Naval Training Center, Orlando, undated
5 Portraits (Groups), [1994]

Photograph features, and is autographed by Rear Admirals Mariann Stratton and Maryanne Ibach.

6 Portraits (Groups) - Recruit Companies, 1989-1991