Our Work

Community Service in Annapolis
In the past MBSC has put a major emphasis on working on projects in DC and other cities around Annapolis. However, we have missed a major area where our services are needed. The city of Annapolis has many opportunities for midshipmen to help out. Moreover, there are many parts of Annapolis in which midshipmen don’t know about. This year we plan to become more involved in our immediate community with the following programs

Passport to ManhoodThis program is designed to help young adolescent males (ages 11 to 14) make wise decisions and increase their levels of personal responsibility in regards to those decisions. This 14 weekprogram involves interactive classes with positive male role model support.

SMART GirlsSMART (SkillsMasteryAndResistanceTraining) Girls is a program of health and life skills for girls ages 8 to 17. The goal of SMART Girls is to help girls develop healthy attitudes and lifestyles. The program is also intended to help girls make positive decisions at this critical stage in their development.

Benjamin Banneker Math and Science Honor SocietyMidshipmen mentoring children and giving back to the community through this program. click here for more information