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The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those affected by eating disorders as well as to be a catalyst for prevention, cures, and access to quality care.  In order to fulfill this mission the NEDA recently made it a priority to create Educational Toolkits by pulling together existing information and developing new materials in order to create complete packages for targeted audiences. So far, the NEDA has created Educational Toolkits for Educators and Parents which can be found on their website at Additional future target audiences will include Coaches and Trainers, Health Care Providers, and Individual Patients.

The Command Toolkit has been designed for the USNA Chain of Command, Staff, and Faculty and was created using the NEDA formula. Many of the pieces can be found on the NEDA website and have been combined with other pieces that were developed to specifically address the problem of disordered eating at the USNA. This Toolkit was developed to be an online resource to help those who work with midshipmen understand more about eating disorders and how they can support those who may be affected. Like the NEDA Toolkits, this Toolkit will be updated as further information and research becomes available. To provide feedback or for further questions please contact the MDC Eating Disorders Specialist at x3-4897. We hope you find this Toolkit useful.

  1. Frequently asked questions about eating disorders
  2. Disordered eating vs. eating disorders
  3. Common myths about eating disorders
  4. Eating disorder signs, symptoms, and behaviors
  5. Statistics: Eating disorders and their precursors
  6. Factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders
  7. The scope of disordered eating problems at USNA
  8. Health consequences of eating disorders
  9. Facts about eating disorders, the USNA, and service selection
  10. USNA Eating Disorders Instruction
  11. The role of the Company Officer and Senior Enlisted
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