Midshipmen Development Center

Life Skills for Leaders

FALL 2015 Schedule

Life Skills for Leaders are engaging educational presentations on a variety of topics designed to help Midshipmen navigate many of the life challenges that they are likely to face at the USNA and as future leaders in the fleet. Courses are open to all Midshipmen, faculty and staff, and are led by a variety of instructors from the Midshipmen Development Center, the Chaplain Center, the Academic Center for Excellence and USNA Faculty.  Life Skills for Leaders is held once per month in Laboon, from 1200-1245.  Please contact us (mdc@usna.edu) for more information. 

Date Title/Instructor/Description
10 September 2015

National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

08 October 2015

World Mental Health Day

12 November 2015 Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships
03 December 2015

Surviving the Holiday Stress

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