Midshipmen Development Center

Life Skills for Leaders

2015 Spring Schedule

Life Skills for Leaders are educational courses held from 1250-1320 in the Laboon Center on a variety of topics designed to help Midshipmen navigate many of the life challenges that they are likely to face at the USNA and as future leaders in the fleet. Courses are open to all Midshipmen, faculty and staff, and are taught by a variety of instructors from the Midshipmen Development Center, the Chaplains and the Academic Center for Excellence. If you have additional questions, please contact us (mdc@usna.edu).

Date Title/Instructor/Description
20 January 2015

Finding Your Inner Ninja, Part 3:  The Power of Play 

LCDR Jack Ryan

03 February 2015

Yoga for Stress Relief:  Using the yogic practice of pranayama, meditation, and simple postures to help with the pressures of life (no yoga mat required)

Dr Beth Mutch

17 February 2015

How to Guide a Shipmate:  Navigating to a Chaplain and/or Psychologist

Chaplain Carter and Jessica Mohler, Ph. D.
24 February 2015

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Ann B. Judge, Ph. D.

03 March 2015
Uncharted Waters, A New Way to Get Faith:  Blaise Pascal and the Psychology of Spiritual Practices

Chaplain Cash

24 March 2015


14 April 2015

Allow Your Past to Shape You, not Define You

Chaplain Purvis

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