Life Skills for Leaders  

2014 Spring Schedule

Life Skills for Leaders are educational courses held from 1250-1320 in the Laboon Center on a variety of topics designed to help Midshipmen navigate many of the life challenges that they are likely to face at the USNA and as future leaders in the fleet. Courses are open to all Midshipmen and taught by a variety of instructors from the Midshipmen Development Center, the Chaplains and the Academic Center for Excellence. If you have additional questions, please contact us (

Date Title/Instructor/Description
21 January 2014
How to Guide a Shipmate: Navigating to a Chaplain
and/or Psychologist
   Madison Carter, LT, CHC, USN and Jessica Mohler, PysD
   Chaplain Center and Midshipmen Development Centet
11 February 2014
Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions To Foster
   Michael W. Gore, CAPT, CHC, USN
   Chaplain Center
25 February 2014
"Is your Shipmate dieting or is it more?
 How to help a Shipmate strugggling with eating and
 body image issues
   Jackie Cooper, Ph.D.
   Midshipmen Development Center
18 March 2014
Yoga for Empowerment: Developing a vinyasa flow
sequence that encourages mental and physical strength
 Beth Mutch, Ph.D
 Academic Center of Excellence
22 April 2014
Public speaking 101: Tips on how to present to an
 Jay Kersten, LCDR, CHC, USN
 Chaplain Center
15 April 2014

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