USNA Webmasters Users Group Charter

1. Purpose. The purpose of this charter is to establish the United States Naval Academy World Wide Web Users Group. This group is responsible for the oversight, development, and management of the Academys' internet and intranet resources.

2. Organization. The Webmasters Users Group is chaired by the Division of Information Technology Services' webmaster and composed of all USNA webmasters and world wide web page producers.

3. Background. The World Wide Web in an electronic medium for the presentation and distribution of multi-media information on a global scale. This technology can be utilized as a resource for USNA; communications, education, administrative processes, and training. In addition, this medium will support the efforts of the Admissions Department, the Naval Academy Athletic Association and the Public Affairs Office.

4. Tasking.

A. Produce a World Wide Web Internet and Intranet Development Plan for the Naval Academy.

B. Execute and manage the Development Plan.

C. Continue to develop and apply World Wide Web Policy for USNA. This policy is in compliance with Federal, Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and Institutional standards.

D. Provide guidance as the technology continues to change.

E. Meet regularly to provide a resource for development, administrative oversight, and provide an entry point for Institutional oversight of the World Wide Web Project.

United States Naval Academy