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USNA Section 508 Compliancy Web Site : Tools

What tools are available to test a site ?

Several tools exist which may guide the web designer in building accessible web pages and meeting Section 508 Compliance. Each of these tools is unique and uses unique criteria to gauge accessibility. However, use of any individual tool will not necessarily mean your site is 508 Compliant. Further steps may be required to ensure your site meets 508 compliance. FITAI lists the following tools as a service to web designers. A tool's inclusion on this page does not represent an endorsement of that tool, nor does it imply a requirement for web designers to use any tool.

The W3C Has a comprehensive list of tools for checking the Accessibility of pages. The tools are evaluated by several factors and the list is searchable. It can be found at the W3C Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) page.

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