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Web Based Calculus Applications

Created and designed by Professors Carol G. Crawford and Mark D. Meyerson.

These labs will give students a hands-on preparation for several calculus topics. A recent browser is required (e.g., Firefox, or Chrome). The Java code on this page is outdated and may cause your computer to crash. It will hopefully be updated, as soon as possible.

Each of these nine modules consists of a front page "experiment" (Java applet) to acquaint the student with the concept, together with links to four other pages:

  • A lab report allowing for the self testing of introductory ideas.
  • A math review summarizing the mathematical background involved.
  • An other applications page giving some more applications of the topic.
  • A survey asking for some feedback on the success of that module.

The Labs:

  1. Waves
  2. Parachute
  3. Diving Tower
  4. Radar   
  5. Related Rates
  6. Area of Deck
  7. Volume of Wing
  8. Torque wrench
  9. Hill   


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