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Operations Research Sub-Specialty Code

The Navy uses subspecialty codes to identify officers with requisite knowledge not specifically related to their warfare designator to fill critical billets both at sea and ashore. The highest level codes are P codes, which require a master’s degree program covering critical skills designated by the Navy.

The Navy also has a subspecialty coding system for officers based on their undergraduate education. The program was initiated by OPNAV N81, and the first code was the 3211E code to support the Navy's need for officer analysts. This code identifies junior officers who have analytical skills and training that directly support designated shore billets that involve analytical studies important to the future of the Navy.

The Marine Corps grants a secondary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code to officers meeting the OR program requirements delineated below. Similar to the 3211E code in the Navy, MOS 8051, "Operations Research Specialist," designates officers qualified for particular duties in support of research and development activities, major headquarters staffs in the supporting establishment and operating forces, and the Joint Staff/Command.


Midshipmen who graduate as Operations Research (SMO) majors whose quality point ratio (QPR) meets the standard identified below satisfy the requirements for this code. Mathematics (SMA/SMAH), Applied Math (SMP/SMPH) and Quantitative Economics (SQE) majors graduating no later than spring 2015 can earn the code as well by meeting the listed requirements. To qualify for the 3211E code or 8051 MOS an officer must have taken the following college courses:
  1. Linear Algebra or Matrix Algebra - sophomore/junior level (1 semester or 1 quarter). SM261
  2. A multivariate calculus course (more than 2 variables and with a linear algebra/matrix theory prerequisite or co requisite) or an advanced calculus course (a theory course). SM279 or SM331H.
  3. Probability Theory - sophomore/junior level (1 semester or 1 quarter). SM239
  4. Statistics - junior/senior level (1 semester or 2 quarter). SM339
  5. Simulation: Modeling and Theory - junior/senior level (1 semester or 1 quarter). SA421
  6. Either Linear Programming or Search and Detection Theory - junior/senior level (1 semester or 1 quarter). SA305, SA401 or SA410
  7. A course with a major programming requirement using Java, C++, Visual Basic or Matlab. The course taken must be at a level acceptable at the school taken to count as either a required or an elective course in the school's computer science major, mathematics major, operations research major, or statistics major. SI204, IC210, SM233, or both SM161 and SM162.
  8. The student must have an overall quality point ratio upon receiving the bachelor's degree of at least 2.7 and a QPR in the above courses of at least 3.0, where an A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.

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