Mathematics Department
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The Math department faculty conduct research in a broad range of disciplines. The information below will give you more information about each research area.

The department has also had several students complete undergraduate research under the Bowman and Trident scholar programs.

Research interests

  1. Algebra, discrete mathematics:
    Andre, Gaglione, Hanna, Hoffman, Joyner, Ksir, J.Lockhart, Loehr, Margulies, Melles, Lockhart, Michael, Moen, Nakos, Stout, Traves, Wakefield
  2. Topology:
    Hoffman, Munson, Nakos
  3. Analysis:
    Alevras, Baker, R.Lockhart, Melles, Medynets, Popovici, Price, Withers, Zarikian
  4. Applied mathematics (PDEs, numerical analysis, probability, statistics, ...):
    Buchanan, Garcia, Ionescu, Konkowski, Lee, Liakos, Lunasin, Malek-Madani, McCoy, Minut, Seal, Soane, Traves
  5. Statistics: McGuffey, Nguelifack, Nikolov, Ruth, VanDerwerken
  6. Operations research:
    Andre, Gentry, Griffin, Hawks, Margulies, McGrath, Phillips, Uhan

Additional Documentation

Below are links to documentation midshipmen might find useful:

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