Fall 2014

All talks are from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Colloquium Room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Oct 24
    TBA Prof. Clifford Stein Columbia University

  • Sep 24
    The USNA Powered Flight Program and a binary integer programming solution to its daily flight scheduling problem LT Peter Barkley USNA

  • Sep 18
    TBA Prof. Roger Temam Indiana University

  • Sep 16
    Opt Art Prof. Robert Bosch Oberlin College

  • Sep 10
    Optimal Patrol to Detect Attacks at Dispersed Heterogeneous Locations CDR Dick McGrath USNA

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    We study a patrol problem where several patrollers move between heterogeneous locations dispersed throughout an area of interest in order to detect enemy attacks. To formulate an effective patrol policy, the patrollers must take into account travel time between locations, as well as location-specific parameters, which include patroller inspection times, enemy attack times, and cost incurred due to an undetected attack. We consider both random and strategic attackers. A random attacker chooses a location to attack according to a probability distribution, while a strategic attacker plays a two-person zero-sum game with the patrollers. In some cases, we can compute the optimal solution using linear programming. This method, however, becomes computationally intractable as the problem size grows. Therefore, we focus on developing efficient heuristics, based on aggregate index values, fictitious play, and shortest paths. Numerical experiments demonstrate that our heuristics produce excellent results with computation time orders of magnitude less than what is required to compute the optimal solution.
  • Sep 03
    TBA Prof. Christopher Griffin Penn State University

  • Aug 21
    Finite Time and Aperiodically Time Dependent Dynamics: The Research Landscape---Past, Present, and Future Prof. Stephen Wiggins University of Bristol (UK) Abstract

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