Upcoming Talks  

This is a list of all upcoming talks for the next two weeks. Talks are from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Colloquium or Seminar Room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Nov 03
    Extendable endomorphisms of factors (part 2) Prof. Alexis Alevras USNA Time: 03:45 PM Operator Algebras and Dynamics Seminars

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    An endomorphism of a factor M acting standardly on a Hilbert space H gives rise, via the conjugation operator, to an endomorphism of the commutant M'. The endomorphism is called extendable if there is a simultaneous extension of the actions on M and M' to an endomorphism of B(H). We will review recent results of Bikram, Izumi, Srinivasan and Sunder on extendability, with applications to the classification of endomorphism semigroups of factors of type II and III.
  • Nov 10
    Symbolic dynamics for three dimensional flows with positive topological entropy Yuri Lima University of Maryland Time: 03:45 PM Operator Algebras and Dynamics Seminars

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    Since Hadamard, the construction of symbolic models for dynamical systems has been successfully implemented in many scenarios. In a joint work with Sarig, we deal with flows with positive speed on three dimensional manifolds. These include geodesic flows on surfaces, and Reeb vector fields. Provided the flow has positive entropy, we code it by a suspension over a countable Markov shift. Here is an application: for almost every metric on the two-sphere, there are positive real numbers C and h such that there are at least Ce^{Th}/T closed geodesics of size at most T.
  • Nov 12
    TBA Prof. Mike Hoffman USNA Time: 03:45 PM Colloquium

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