Upcoming Talks  

This is a list of all upcoming talks for the next two weeks. Talks are from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Colloquium or Seminar Room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Sep 18
    Change of phase for the humid atmosphere: a model of nonlinear discontinuous equation Prof. Roger Temam Indiana University Time: 12:00 PM Colloquium

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    In this lecture we will recall the atmospheric equations of water vapor with saturation. In their simplest form, these equations form a nonlinear system of partial differential equations with discontinuities corresponding to the change of phase. We will address the issues of the definition of the solutions, in the context of convex analysis and variational inequalities, and establish some results on the existence, uniqueness and regularity of these solutions.
  • Sep 22
    The Kadison-Singer Problem (part 3) Vrej Zarikian USNA Time: 03:45 PM Operator Algebras and Dynamics Seminars

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    Continuation of the previous talks, emphasizing multilinearity properties of the mixed characteristic polynomial, and statements about "comparison with the mean".
  • Sep 24
    The USNA Powered Flight Program and a binary integer programming solution to its daily flight scheduling problem LT Peter Barkley USNA Time: 03:45 PM Colloquium

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