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The mechanical engineering department is composed of a mix of civilian and military faculty members. The strong civilian component (approx. 65%) is unique among service academies, and dates from the earliest days of the Naval School.

Officers typically rotate to the Academy for two or three year assignments, bringing fresh ideas and experiences from operational units of the Navy and Marine Corps. They can also explain how studies at the Academy apply in the fleet and the field. A cadre of officer faculty with doctorates adds another dimension to the teaching staff as Permanent Military Professors.

The Academy’s civilian faculty members give continuity to the educational program and form a core of professional scholarship and teaching experience. All career civilian faculty members have doctoral degrees, and many of them are leading scholars in their fields. Working together, our military and civilian instructors form one of the strongest and most dedicated teaching faculties of any college or university in the United States.

Permanent Faculty

Brad Baker, CDR, Assistant Professor
Oscar Barton, Professor, Dept Chair
Stuart Blair, CDR, Assistant Professor
Lloyd Brown, CAPT, Associate Professor
Cody Brownell , Associate Professor
John Burkhardt, Associate Professor
Matt Carr, CAPT, Assistant Professor, Dep Div Dir
Patrick Caton, Associate Professor
Marty Cerza, Professor
Jim Cowart, Associate Professor
Linda Craugh, CDR, Assistant Professor, Assoc Chair
Scott Drayton, CDR, Assistant Professor
Karen Flack, Professor
Steve Graham, Professor
Len Hamilton, CAPT, Associate Professor
Peter Joyce, Associate Professor
Michelle Koul, Associate Professor
Keith Lindler, Professor
Richard Link, Professor
Ethan Lust, LCDR, Instructor
Luksa Luznik , Associate Professor
Marshall Millett , Assistant Professor
Steve Miner, Professor
Angela Moran, Professor
Patrick Moran, Professor
Mark Murray, Associate Professor
Marty Nelson, Professor
Joshua Radice, Associate Professor
Colin Ratcliffe, Professor
Joel Schubbe, Associate Professor
Andrew Smith, Associate Professor
Michael Toepper, CDR, Assistant Professor
Ralph Volino, Professor
Joe Watkins, CAPT, Associate Professor
Jeffery Woertz, CDR, Assistant Professor

Instructors, Visiting, Adjunct and Research Professors

Jon Angle, LT
Thomas Brewer, LT
Jamer Doughty, LCDR
Bruce Duncan
Wallace Elger
Gwen Gray
JJ Hartsog, LT
C. Joe Leidig, VADM (Ret), Corbin McNeill Chair
Robert Nowlin, LCDR
John Schedel, CDR
Sophoria Westmoreland

Emeritus Faculty

Al Adams
Mark Harper
Jim Joyce
Bob Wu  
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