Field Hockey

The purpose of this ECA is to offer an opportunity for both experienced field hockey players and those interested in picking up a new sport to gather and compete. At the ECA/club level, ECA field hockey is a group that is focused on teamwork and the physical mission of the USNA, while allowing members to also have the time available to participate in other affairs around the yard as well. We accept players of all skill levels!

 The Field Hockey ECA is an athletic, competitive group of Midshipmen dedicated to accomplishing goals as a team and improving themselves in a sport not widely established at the Naval Academy.  We participate in games and tournaments against other schools in the area, including UMD, George Mason, JMU, and others during our regular fall season.  The field Hockey ECA meets on Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 0530 to 0645 and on Wednesday’s from 1900 to 2000

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