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Q: What are the Naval Academy’s normal gate hours?
A: Gate 1 Vehicular Traffic: Open from Sun-Thur 0500-2200/Fri-Sat 0500-0100.

Gate 1 Pedestrian Traffic: Open from Sun-Thur 0600-0000/Fri-Sat 0600-0200.

Gate 3 Pedestrian Traffic: Open from Sun-Thur 0600-1900/Fri-Sat 0600-2200.

Gate 3 Vehicle Traffic: Access Mon-Fri 0600 - 0900; Exit Mon-Fri 1500-1800

Gate 8 Open 24 hours a day for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Note: Visitors will not be granted access prior to sunrise or after sunset unless coming on for a specific scheduled event (e.g basketball game, ECA meeting, Chapel service).

Holiday gate hours will vary.

Visiting the Yard

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