Temporary Exhibits

Center wall of Carrier exhibit 

From Conception to Present: The U.S. Navy's Aircraft Carrier

It's aircraft carrier month here at the Museum! During the month of January, we are displaying "From Conception to Present: The U.S. Navy's Aircraft Carrier." Coinciding with our Shifley Lecture on the latest aircraft carrier and our naval debate on the future of aircraft carriers, the exhibit highlights the history of the carrier from USS Langley to USS Ford. Of special note in our new exhibit are the  carrier ID models from World War II to the nuclear age, five concept models for USS Ford, and a model of USS Ford. The exhibit is located on the second deck of the Museum. 

  • Left Wall of Carrier exhibit
  • Right Wall of Carrier exhibit
  • USS Ford Carrier exhibit
  • Close up of ID models in Carrier exhibit
  • ID Models Carrier exhibit

If you are interested in learning more about carriers, check out the following sources:

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