Staff Information

LCDR Claude Berube, USNR

The Director is the head of the museum and manages its administrative and financial business. He establishes policy, promotes community relations, and gives general guidance to the staff.

James Cheevers
Associate Director, Senior Curator

The Senior Curator is responsible for most of the objects in the collection including paintings, edged weapons, uniforms, medals, and manuscripts. He is also a renowned authority on the history of the Naval Academy and its graduates.

Donald R. Preul
Curator, Rogers Ship Model Collection

The Curator of Ship Models is responsible for the conservation and care of over 5,000 ship models in the museum's collection. He constructs models for display to help interpret new exhibits. The Curator also oversees the USNA Ship Model Society which meets twice a week at the museum. Club members build new models and assist the Curator with conservation work on older models.

Dolly Pantelides
Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant serves as the executive assistant to the Director. She schedules all Museum events and handles requests for transparencies from the collection.

Donald Leonard

The Registrar records the location of all museum objects and maintains the collections database. He arranges for the loan and transportation of art and artifacts to other museums as well as to other buildings at the Naval Academy.

Grant Walker
Education Specialist

The Education Specialist promotes the use of the Museum as an academic resource for midshipmen, members of the faculty, visiting scholars, and the public at large. He conducts tours of the galleries, and is a noted authority on dockyard ship models.

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