Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Monday, November 4, 2013
7:30 PM

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Established in 1951, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble is regarded as one of the best folkloric dance ensembles in the world. Its aims are to collect and play authentic folk music and to preserve the folk dances and traditional costumes of Hungary and Hungarian-inhabited areas by putting them on stage before the public. The Ensemble has achieved its goal by revitalizing the culture of the Hungarian people before audiences in 44 countries across four continents to the admiration of more than seven and a half million people. In the last few years the Ensemble has encountered special interest in North-America - which was illustrated by their fourth invitation to undertake a three-month coast to coast American tour in 1994. They have also toured the Far East and Western Europe.

The choreographies are all based on authentic dances, some of them collected in isolated villages with dance elements dating back hundreds of years. The extraordinary folk music that inspired Liszt, Bartok and Kodaly is put on stage by both the Folk Orchestra and the world-famous Gipsy Orchestra. The members of the Folk Orchestra play authentic, traditional instruments and perform Hungarian folk music at its highest artistic level. The famous Gipsy Orchestra plays both dance accompaniments and performs alone. Their rich repertoire includes folk music which inspired Hungarian and international classical composers.

Aside from its performances around the country and abroad, the Ensemble gives approximately 90-100 annual performances in its Corvin ter theatre, in the Budai Vigado.

"It is marvelous - crackling with dancing that snaps like a whip in a program framed successfully by a sophisticated context." – The New York Times.

"It's forceful, tasteful, unglorified presentation of ethnic expression..." – The Washington Post.

USNA proudly presents - The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble!