USNA's own Barbershop Quartet!

The history of Cleanshave dates back to the late 1950's. Little did these Midshipmen know that they would begin a tradition that would continue for over half a century.

The tradition of barbershop quartet singing arose in the late 1800's and was immensely popular during the 1910's and 1920's. It is a distinctly American music style in which four male voices sing in harmony, unaccompanied by instruments. Barbershop repertoire encompasses popular songs of the gaslight era and the early twentieth century, including ballads and early jazz. It is music that fits into almost any occasion and is well received by all age groups in both formal and informal settings.

Typical selections performed: Hello Mary Lou, My Old Man's a Sailor, Your Nobody 'till Somebody Loves You, The Chord Busters, Stars and Stripes Forever, etc.