Important Information  


**NOTE: You will need photo ID to enter the Naval Academy**


*Lodging costs are covered by USNA*


By Plane

The three major airports of the Annapolis area are, BWI, Reagan National, and Dulles. Respectively they are approximately 25, 45, and 75 minutes away from Annapolis via automobile. In the highly improbable event that we are not able to pick you up with a shuttle from the airport it is suggested that you bring $50-75 as money for a taxi or shuttle from the airport in the event of an emergency. On check-in day shuttles will run every hour to pick up delegates.

By Train

The most convenient way to reach Annapolis by train is to arrive at BWI Amtrak station. Shuttles will run to the station every hour on check-in day to pick up delegates.

By Car

Take I-95 to I-695 West. Exit onto I-97 South; continue on Route 50 East to Rowe Blvd. exist toward Annapolis. Turn left on College Avenue; turn right on King George Street, and turn left on Maryland Avenue. At this point you will be denied access to the Naval Academy as you would require a military Department of Defense sticker and military identification to drive on to the base.


Delegates will be able to participate in many of the activities available at the Naval Academy.

Yard Patrol Craft (YPs )

Yard Patrol vessels (commonly called YPs) are used at the Academy to offer midshipmen experience in applying basic navigational skills to ship-handling and training scenarios relevant to their future naval careers. Delegates onboard YPs will be given an introduction to some of these interesting on-the-water exercises. Moreover, YP cruises offer NAFAC participants the opportunity to enjoy a crisp maritime breeze while viewing historic Annapolis and its surroundings from afloat.


Sailing is a significant part of the maritime training conducted at the Naval Academy. In addition to its nationally recognized intercollegiate and offshore varsity sailing teams, the Academy boasts an impressive seamanship education program that indoctrinates every midshipman in basic boat-handling skills. NAFAC delegates will be able to set sail on the Severn River and into the Chesapeake Bay on Navy 44-foot sailing vessels-the exact same boats used for midshipman training.

What to Wear

Keep in mind that you will need to make preparations for 5 days. The weather in Annapolis during April is usually in the 50's and 60's with rainstorms; however, it can get cold at night.

You will likely want to wear semi-formal or formal to the roundtables. Several social events will require formal attire. Be mindful that there is an afternoon of physical activities (e.g., sailing, YP cruise).

This list is not necessarily all-inclusive; rather it is a recommendation of the minimum to be brought.


  • Athletic or walking shoes
  • Belts - (black and/or brown)
  • Casual shirts
  • Dress shoes (black or brown)
  • Oxford shirts (suit with tie and oxford will be required for the daily events)
  • Pants (nice pants for the day - khakis and dark suit pants)
  • Pajamas / Robe
  • Sandals
  • Shirts
  • Shorts (there will be opportunities to partake in activities on the yard such as sailing and boating)
  • Sports jacket (prepare for mild weather, sometimes it does get cold)
  • Swim wear
  • Conservative Tie
  • T-shirts / Undershirts
  • Workout clothes


  • Athletic or walking shoes
  • Casual shirts/pants/jeans (for nighttime free time, etc.)
  • Dress shoes (heels preferably, but not required)
  • Business Dress for daily events (this can be nice slacks with a dress shirt, business suits, skirts, conservative dresses, heels, etc.)
  • Skirts and slacks
  • Pajamas / Robe
  • Sandals
  • Shorts/Casual Shirts for daytime activities (there will be opportunities to partake in activities on the yard such as Yard Patrol Crafts and Sailing)
  • Light jacket, casual and dressy (prepare for mild weather, sometimes it does get cold)
  • Swim wear
  • T-shirts / Undershirts
  • Toiletries
  • Athletic Gear

**Disclaimer: The final day of the conference we will be having a formal banquet. Men should have at the least a Coat and Tie for it, and Women should have a Cocktail Dress. Military personnel are to wear Mess Dress.

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