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Roundtable Topics and Paragraphs

1. Sharing Oases in the Desert: Water Access Issues in the Middle East

  • Moderators: 1/C Adam Harris, 3/C Chris Goodale

2. Sino-African Relations: The Race for Resources in a Modern Heart of Darkness

  • Moderators: 2/C Joe Dinkel, 3/C Charlotte Asdal

3. The Eagle v. The Bear: Russian Energy and Resources in a New Era 

  • Moderators: 1/C Lauren Hickey, 1/C Ryan McGee

4. China in America's Backyard: Competing for Influence in Latin America

  • Moderators: 1/C Patrick Swain, 3/C Cameron Wegener

5. What is Money Worth? The Sovereign Authority of Wealth in India

  • Moderators: 1/C Kyle Waldorf, 3/C Ross Gilchriest

6. Fool's Gold: Corruption and Mismanagement of Resources in Africa

  • Moderators: 2/C Charles Simpson, 3/C Hannah Meadows

7. Turkey: The Cutural and Economic Bridge between Asia and Europe

  • Moderators: 3/C Akbar Arsiwala, 3/C Andrew Cho

8. Energy, Alliance, and Conflict in Eastern Europe

  • Moderators: 1/C Michael Lemonick, 1/C Katie MacVarish

9. Un-Frozen Frontier: The Thawing Arctic Ice and the Search for Oil Beneath It

  • Moderators: 2/C Amanda Assenmacher, 3/C Stephen Phillips

10. Lawlessness in the Final Frontier: Regulating, Policing, and Exploiting Space

  • Moderators: 3/C Madison Denny, 3/C Ned Hanlon

11. Going Rogue: Terrorism and the Struggle for Resource Control

  • Moderators: 2/C Thom Marryott, 3/C Michael Nitz

12. The World's Black Market: A Transnational Grip on Resources and Nukes

  • Moderators: 1/C Mike Johnson, 3/C James Smith

13. Political Ramifications of Resource Scarcity

  • Moderators: 2/C Woody Dewing, 2/C Jett Watson

14. The Man Has Feelings Too: Sovereignty in Multinational Corporations and Human Rights 

  • Moderators: 2/C Ginny Burder, 3/C Luke Sullivan

15. Beyond Malthus: Human Capital and Population Imbalance

  • Moderators: 2/C Marc Prather, 2/C Ian Shaw
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