You can get involved with NESA! Meetings and events are open to any Eagle in the Brigade!

Feb 17: BSA report to the state of Maryland. Tours for scouts in the early afternoon and then a few mids head over to the state capitol to present the colors on the floor of the state assembly.

Feb 23: BSA report to the Nation. This is the group from national that came last year. They will be coming on Sunday morning, tour of the yard for about 2 hours, Church, and then lunch in town with mids. Please come out if you can and NESA will pay for your lunch in town. Let me know if you plan on coming. It is a great group to talk to.

March 1: Scout Day at Navy Basketball. It was in Tim's email, we will be getting Luce Hall Bridge sims. Please come out and talk about your current or desired service selection.

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