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USNA Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Merit Badge Jamboree

Our staff is excited to provide the largest, most program filled jamboree to date. In addition to STEM merit badges, program will include adult training events, military skills training and youth training/awards.
  • 2015 USNA NESA STEM Jamboree Information:
    • Dates, venues:  The Jamboree will be held Martin Luther King Weekend 2015 with troops arriving Friday 16JAN14 and departing Sunday 18JAN14. Camping arrangements can be made through USNA NESA for YMA Camp Letts located nearby. The majority of the program will take place on Saturday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD in our labs and classrooms.
    • Age Restrictions: The age requirements for participation are a.) 13 and enrolled in 8th grade or b.) 14 years of age. The NESA staff strictly confirm to these requirements due to the nature of work in the STEM merit badges and regulations in USNA labs.
    • Types of Registration:
      • Unit: For BSA troops, Venturing crews, and SeaScout ships. Maximum size of 24 participants(total youth and adult)
      • Single Scouts: For individual scouts or pairs wishing to be accepted into a provisional troop. Only available to scouts whose troops are not attending the jamboree
      • Contingent: For Council Contingents. Must be submitted by contingent point of contact. Contingents require prior communication with NESA staff
    • Program:
      • Merit Badges: STEM related merit badges including nuclear sciences, space exploration, radio, computers, and aviation among others
      • Military Skills: Small unit Marine Corps tactics and Naval Heritage classes
      • Adult Training: Advanced adult/advisor training from council representatives in STEM and BSA practices
      •  Specialty Seminars: Seminars in NOVA STEM, Philmont Prep, High Adventure, and Military Leadership among others
    • Registration Timeline:
      • 01SEPT-30SEPT Pre-registration, non-binding
      • 30SEPT-12OCT NESA makes selections from pre-registration through a lottery system as our demand exceeds our limitations
      • 12OCT NESA staff notifies units of selection status (accepted or wait-listed). Official 2015 Program Guide is released to accepted units. Wait-listed units are given further instructions.
      • 01DEC Final registration packets and rosters due to NESA staff with payment
      • 03JAN 2015 USNA NESA STEM Jamboree Welcome Brief published to registered units
      • 16JAN-18JAN 2015 USNA NESA STEM Jamboree
    • Notes: The 2015 USNA NESA STEM Jamboree dates, age restrictions, fees, and terms of camping may change without advance notice. Please note that certain aspects of the Jamboree are under the guidance and approval of the Naval Academy staff and Dept of the Navy, and as such they may frequently change. Any changes will be both emailed out via form responses and posted on our website.
We look forward to hosting your troop. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Commanding Officer 2015 NESA STEM Jamboree, MIDN 2/C Drew Bell at
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