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Eligible candidates for Golden Key should have received an invitation from Golden Key International headquarters to join Golden Key.  Please join by 7 Nov 2014 to be included in the New Member Recognition Ceremony which is scheduled for 17 Nov 2014 at 1915 in the MAC.  Contact GK President, Midn 1/C Megan Lewis, for details.


Midshipman members of Golden Key are encouraged to apply to the many GK Scholarships available to students.  Midshipmen are usually very competitive for these scholarships.

For Scholarship opportunities, visit the International Golden Key website.

Some previous National GK Scholarship Winners:

     GK Scholarship Winner - Lindsay Chittenden, class of '06

     GK Debate Scholarship Winner - Sale Lilly, class of '04

Every year, presented at the New Member Recognition Ceremony, new members of the USNA-chapter of Golden Key are selected for local scholarship awards.  These are small monetary awards which acknowledge academic achievement.  This past year's winners were:

     Roberto Torrealba ('14), Midns 1/C Benjamin Etringer, Brian He, Samuel Lacinski, and Joshua Stevens                              
      Midns 1/C Earl Ehrhart, Hannah Bobell, Kayla Grimmet    Honorable Mention

All new members of Golden Key this year are eligible for this year's scholarship awards.

Golden Key Travel to Regional Conferences

Current members of Golden Key have the opportunity to travel to regional conferences.  Last year, we sent 3 midshipman Golden Key members to the Regional Summit in Brookhaven, NY to interact with other Mid-Atlantic Golden Key chapters, and learn about the leadership and service opportunities available to Golden Key members.  Funds are available to support travel expenses.  This year's Regional Summit will be in Washington, DC in the spring.

Service Project

For the past 4 years, the USNA-chapter of Golden Key has supported a class of elementary students at David Weir Elementary School in Fairfield, CA.  The class, who is taught by Steve Patton (former Navy), has adopted USNA as their inspiration school.  Midshipmen have written to the students to offer words of encouragement and to motivate them to stay in school.  We hope to continue this interaction with the newest class of students.    DAW classroom website

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