Who: MIDN 1/C Darryl Lindie

Hometown: Bowie, MD

Major: Naval Architecture

Service Selection: Submarine Warfare/Nuclear Surface Warfare

Interests: Trading! Foreign Exchange/Futures/Options/Stocks

Personal Statement: Going to the academy has been a great opportunity. Every semester I have been able to take on a new leadership opportunity, I have grown as a leader and look forward to my naval career.

Vision: My vision of our NSBE Chapter is for us to win Chapter of the Year! Raising our chapter grades and community service are essential to this mission.

Vice President

Who: MIDN 1/C Tracy Daniels

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Operations Research

Service Selection: Submarine Warfare

Interests: Sprint Football, Playing Baseball, Spending time with family, Grilling with friends

Personal Statement: The Academy has taught me a lot about myself. It has shown me my weaknesses and my strengths. It has shown me that you cannot do everything on your own and you must know when to seek guidance from others. It has also shown me that the world is full of opportunity and you just have to be ready and willing to search for it and seize the moment.

Vision: Chapter of the year, inspire local youth to continue to seek out higher levels of education, have every member be SAT in all areas, be THAT club that leads the brigade.


Who: MIDN 2/C Tyrise Shepard-Lewis

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Major: Systems Engineering

Service Selection: Submarine Warfare

Interests: Karate and Midshipman Black Studies Club

Personal Statement: After completing two years at the Naval Academy, I have learned to the importance of discipline, teamwork, and honor. I hope to uphold the naval standards of leading my peers and subordinates when a commissioned as Naval officer.

Vision: As secretary of NSBE, I plan to maintain organization, add members, and increase productivity.


Who: MIDN 3/C Cullen Hanks

Hometown: Hudson, TX

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Service Selection: Naval Aviation

Interests: VT-NA, Catholic Choir, and Fil-Am

Personal Statement: The Academy has helped me realize how helpful networking can be and also the benefits of time management .

Vision: I hope to further promote and design the mentor program within NSBE this year to aim for the goal of everyone in the club being Academically SAT.