Who We Are

Our Chapter is comprised for Midshipmen, by Midshipmen and is led by Midshipmen. While our membership is directed towards STEM majors - specifically those individuals pursuing degrees in Engineering - everyone is welcome to participate.

We currently have both active and inactive members who are pursuing Group I, II and III degrees. Regardless of our academic focus, we all share one fundamental goal: the desire to improve African-American performance at all levels of education.

In addition to our desire for academic success, we all share a fervent desire to impact the communities of the US Naval Academy and surrounding neighborhoods of Annapolis in such a manner that allows others to achieve excellence.

Our chapter is over 100 Midshipman of all races, backgrounds and pursuits who have put aside our differences and replaced them with a camaraderie and spirit of combined effort necessary to ascend to our next level of academic and leadership excellence.


President Darryl Lindie m143846@usna.edu 301-910-3158
Vice President Tracy Daniels m141464@usna.edu 404-357-0031
Secretary Tyrise Shepard-Lewis m156186@usna.edu N/A
Treasurer Kahra Kelty m153714@usna.edu N/A
Academics Cullen Hanks m162742@usna.edu N/A
Public Affairs Andre Evans m161890@usna.edu N/A
Mentorship Tiana Williams m157200@usna.edu N/A
Concessions Daniel Fernandez m161968@usna.edu N/A
Officer Representative LT Ekon George george@usna.edu 410-293-7417
Faculty Representative Prof. Westmoreland westmore@usna.edu 410-293-6526