Christy Dullnig

Christy "Damnit" Dullnig

Number: 22
Position: Center
Height: 5' 7"
Shot: Right
High School: Archbishop Spalding High School
Hometown: Edgewater, MD
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Favorite Naval Hero: Admiral Stockdale
Person Most Admired: Mom/Dad

How has the decision to come to the Academy affected you?
The academy has given me rare and amazing opportunities that have developed me as a student, leader, teammate and friend. I appreciate both the challenges and  blessings USNA has offered me.

Favorite hockey team: NWH, duh!
Favorite meal: Steak
Favorite movie: Miracle

Plans after graduation: USMC with an MOS involving engineering and/or aviation. Hopefully I will be
selected for grad school or be selected for a
Female Engagement Team. I'd like to advance
my pilots license to aerobatics and
               go to shows.