Katie Otano

Katie "Oto" Otano

Number: 26
Position: Defense
Height: 5' 5"
Shot: Right
High School: Grapevine High School
Hometown: Colleyville, TX
Major: Systems Engineering
Favorite Naval Hero: Clint Bruce, former Navy SEAL 
Person Most Admired: Mother and Father

How has the decision to come to the Academy affected you?
I have been tested in so many ways to prepare me for the fleet as well as life. USNA has presented me with so many opportunities as well as lasting friendships.

Favorite hockey team: Dallas Stars
Favorite meal: Picanha or some kind of cheesy pasta.
Favorite movie: Super Troopers

Plans after graduation: I plan on flying in F/A-18 Super Hornets as a Naval Flight Officer. Before I settle down
and have a [hockey loving] family, I want to travel
the world become a Disney princess (preferably
Snow White),and be a back up dancer for
Katy Perry...one can only hope.