Nicole Breen

Nicole "Breenie" Breen

Number: 14
Position: Goalie
Height: 5' 6"
Shot: Right
High School: Peninsula Catholic High School
Hometown: Yorktown, VA
Major: Political Science with a minor in Spanish
Favorite Naval Hero: Colonel Ripley
Person Most Admired: My parents

How has the decision to come to the Academy affected you?
I am glad that I came to the academy because I have made a lot of really good friends and I have learned a lot about myself. Some of my best friends are my team mates on the Ice Hockey Team. I am blessed to have met such great people.
Favorite sports team: Soccer: Real Madrid
Favorite meal: My mom's tortilla and paella and my dad's grilled cheese and bologna sandwiches!
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember, Mary Poppins,
Up, Wall-E, How to Train your Dragon

Plans after graduation: I hope to go Intel
and work in the pentagon. Eventually
I would like to go to Law school.