USNA | Schedule

Date Time Opponent Place
Sept 30th Sun (pre season) 14:30 AU Home
Oct 13th Sat 19:45 UMD Away
Oct 14th Sun 14:30 UVA Home
Oct 21st Sun 14:30 Liberty Home
Oct 27th Sat Noon WCU Home
Nov 4th Sun 14:30 UMD Home
Nov 18th Sun 15:15 DEL Away
Dec 9th Sun 14:30 VIL Home
Jan 18th Fri 20:00 AU Home
Jan 26th Sat 22:00 LIB Away
Jan 27th Sun 10:00 UVA Away
Feb 2nd Sat Noon AU Home
Feb 9th Sat 13:00 SRU Away
Feb 10th Sun 14:00 CAL Away
Mar 22nd Fri 19:30 AU Home

Free Admission to Home Games at the Dr. John J McMullen Ice Rink in the Brigade Sports Complex Greenbury Point Rd, Annapolis, Maryland

Navy Women's Ice Hockey

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