Navy Women's Ice Hockey

Navy Women's Ice Hockey Schedule 2014-2015 Season






27-Sep Saturday 1130 Alumni Navy
3-Oct Friday 1825 Liberty D2 Navy
4-Oct Saturday 1215 Liberty D2 Navy
5-Oct Sunday 0920 Umass Navy
18-Oct Saturday 1210 Liberty   Navy
19-Oct Sunday 1000 Liberty   Navy
25-Oct Saturday 1850 Maryland Navy
26-Oct Sunday 1420 Maryland Navy
2-Nov Sunday 1400 Penn State State College, PA
8-Nov Saturday All Day Delaware Reading, PA
9-Nov Sunday 1315 Towson Towson, MD
14-Nov Friday 2230 Loyola Baltimore, MD
15-Nov Saturday 2150 Northeastern Navy
16-Nov Sunday 1010 Northeastern Navy
22-Nov Saturday 1900 URI Kingston, RI
23-Nov Sunday 1100 URI Kingston, RI
6-Dec Saturday 1800 UMass Amherst, MA
7-Dec Sunday 1000 Umass Amherst, MA
10-Jan Saturday 1850 URI Navy
11-Jan Sunday 1010 URI Navy
17-Jan Saturday 2100 UVA Charlottesville, VA
18-Jan Sunday 1000 UVA Charlottesville, VA
24-Jan Saturday 2210 UVM Navy
25-Jan Sunday 1010 UVM Navy
30-Jan Friday 2215 PSU State College, PA
31-Jan Saturday 1300 SRU Slippery Rock, PA
1-Feb Sunday 1030 SRU Slippery Rock, PA
7-Feb Saturday 1900 Liberty Lynchburg, VA
8-Feb Sunday 1000 Liberty Lynchburg, VA
14-Feb Saturday ??? DVCHC Playoffs Harrington, DE
15-Feb Sunday ??? DVCHC Playoffs Harrington, DE
21-Feb Saturday ??? EWCHL Playoffs Kingston, RI
22-Feb Sunday ??? EWCHL Playoffs Kingston, RI

Free Admission to Home Games at the Dr. John J McMullen Ice Rink in the Brigade Sports Complex Greenbury Point Rd, Annapolis, Maryland

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