The Navigators


Pre-I Day Plebe Summer Open House

Time: June 30, 3:00 - 5:00 PM (1500-1700)

Place: Hallway before Ottenstein Lobby between the Jewish Chapel and Stein Fellowship Rm - Mitscher Hall

Join us for a time of drinks, light refreshments, and fun as we get acquainted with one another and what God is doing through the The Navigators at USNA. You'll have the opportunity to meet the staff of the The Navigators as well as some of the upper classmen who will be available to answer your questions about life at the Academy.

See document for more information.

Weekly Meetings

  • Tuesday, 1900, RI103, "Kairos", contact Ron Koehler
  • Thursday, 1900, Stein Fellowship Hall, "TCF", contact Mike Slone

The Navigators® at USNA are committed "to knowing Christ and to making Him known." ®  They contribute to the mission of the Naval Academy by helping interested midshipmen and officers grow in character, competence, compassion, and Biblical convictions so they will be strong and effective leaders at USNA and in the Fleet and Marine Corps, using the servant leadership modeled by Jesus Christ.  Personal mentoring, authentic friendships, small group Bible studies, large group fellowships, and retreats are all part of the Navigators leadership development vision.
Navs Calling

Ours is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development that begins at USNA and continues beyond Commissioning.  We have Navigator staff worldwide who are committed to continue the building process into the lives of men and women who leave the Academy so as to help them become leaders in their families, the military, and their communities.

Plebe Ministry

The Plebe Ministry is designed to serve plebes so as to help enable them to succeed as midshipmen and as followers of Jesus.  The plebe ministry includes small group Bible studies and seeks to match interested plebes with a mentor so that they will be ready to take spiritual responsibility for building into the lives of the next class of plebes with a view toward raising up spiritual generations.


Kairos is the name given to our Tuesday evening fellowship, worship, and instruction.  Kairos is a special time where we anticipate God meeting with us in a significant way and doing a special work.  During these times together, midshipmen are envisioned, encouraged, and equipped to more closely follow Christ and to reproduce  spiritual generations of laborers who will share their lives and the gospel in their respective companies with those midshipmen who are interested.

Small Groups Ministry

The small groups ministry's focus is to deepen connections with fellow Christians while also equipping for outreach and providing a forum for intimate and open discussions of tough biblical and personal issues. If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact Ron Koehler.

Triad Christian Fellowship

Triad Christian Fellowship is a ministry of The Navigators at USNA open to all midshipmen but primarily serving the African American community. "To know Christ and to make Him known" has been the long-time motto of The Navigators and clearly characterizes what TCF is all about. TCF has a weekly meeting on Thursday nights, additional weekly Bible discussion groups throughout the week, and offers one-to-one mentoring/discipleship opportunities.

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