USNA | Recent Midshipmen Research Projects

CDR Carl Hager

- MIDN Minker, '12, "Odontocete Vocal Mimicry"

- MIDN Thompson, '12, "Atlantic bottlenose dolphin whistle responses to shallow water Explosive Ordnance Disposal exercises or UNDETs"

- MIDN King, '12, "constructing a prototype bottom mounted and autonomous recording hydrophone “package” for use in the August 2012 marine mammal monitoring cruise in the  Virginia Capes Operating area"

- MIDN Westlund, '11, "Statistical analysis of assumed delphinid voval mimcry encounteres during a playback experiment"

 - MIDN Sturzbecher, '10, "Acoustic detection of Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) vocalizations using AN/SSQ53F sonobuoys modified for autonomys data collection"

Prof. Peter L. Guth

- MIDN Ziel and MIDN Howell, '11, "3D GIS and Spatial Analysis of Artifact Locations on the Gun Decks of Vasa"

- MIDN Moss, '10, "Deriving vegetation height from LIDAR DSMs and DTMs: The problem of negative elevation heights"

- MIDN Byers, '10, "The Battle of Attu Island: Mountain Warfare at Sea Level"

- MIDN Jacks, '09, "Historical GIS of the Normandy Invasion (Operation Overlord)"

CAPT Bill Schulz

- MIDN Deckinga, '13, "Mean Layer Depth Calculation and Impact on Ocean Heat Content Analysis"

- MIDN McCleve, '12, "Hyperspectral Sensing in Modern Warfare"

- MIDN Knorr, '11, "Examining Hyperspectral Signatures in a Coastal Environment"

- MIDN McShea, '11, "Hurricane forced sub-inertial coastally trapped wave propagation along the East Coast"

Oceanography Department

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