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MCPON Discusses Leadership at Naval Academy

Posted on: February 06, 2013 08:00 EST by MC2 Alexia Riveracorrea

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) (AW/NAC) Mike D. Stevens visited the Naval Academy and Naval Support Activity Annapolis Feb. 5 for the first time since assuming the position in September.

While on the yard, MCPON received a historical tour, attended various events, and spoke to enlisted sailors stationed at the Academy and NSA Annapolis during an all-hands call.

Stevens discussed his "Zeroing in on Excellence" initiative, released in November. The initiative aims to solidify the Navy's lines of operation with three primary focus areas: developing leaders, good order and discipline, and controlling what we own.

Stevens emphasized the development of leaders through a combination of mentorship, practical experience and training.

"I believe effectively and efficiently executing the mission requires innovative leadership," said Stevens. "Without competent leadership, even the most routine task can become difficult. We must start with the chiefs first and then work our way to the junior sailors."

According to Stevens, the Navy also needs to improve delivery of leadership training.

"We already have a solid inventory of quality leadership training available; we just need to ensure facilitators are delivering the material in an efficient and professional way," he said.

"I believe that if we take full advantage of each of these resources and deliver them correctly and consistently, we have a great opportunity to increase our entire force's ability to lead and support the CNO's tenets of 'Warfighting First, Operating Forward and Being Ready,'" said Stevens.

Stevens highlighted the impact of good order and discipline on warfighting readiness and the ability to accomplish the mission.

"To me, it is about establishing, sustaining and enforcing professional standards that set the condition for individual and unit success. Anything that interferes with or detracts from those conditions is contrary to good order and discipline," he said.

Stevens also answered questions about new uniforms, budget cuts, Family Readiness Group, the Performance to Serve program and deployments.

Stevens concluded his talk by asking the audience to do three things.

"I ask you to continue to work hard, stay out of trouble, and be a good person to yourself, your shipmates and to your families every single day," said Stevens.

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