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Naval Academy Honors Distinguished Faculty

Posted on: April 30, 2013 08:00 EDT by Naval Academy Public Affairs

The Naval Academy honored distinguished members of the Naval Academy faculty with the annual Dedication Parade April 26 and the dedication ceremony held April 30 in Memorial Hall.

These events honor academy faculty who are retiring, have completed 20 or more years of service, have been selected as emeritus faculty, or are receiving annual awards.

Retiring Faculty:

  • Professor Neil D. Berman, English
  • Professor Phyllis Culham, History
  • Frederic I. Davis, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Professor Irene M. Engle, Physics
  • Professor Audrey P. Gaquin, Languages and Cultures
  • Associate Professor Eileen T. Johnston, English
  • Professor Roger D. Little, Economics
  • Professor George R. Lucas, Jr., Leadership Ethics and Law
  • Professor Richard F. Meade, Physical Education
  • Professor Mark D. Meyerson, Mathematics
  • Professor Anne T. Quartararo, History
  • Professor Mary C. Wintersgill, Physics

Newly Designated Emeritus Faculty:

  • Professor Michael W. Chamberlain, Registrar and Mathematics
  • Professor Robert Demoyer, Jr – Weapons and Systems Engineering
  • Dr. Peter J. Gray – Director of Academic Assessment
  • Dean Michael C. Halbig –Vice Academic Dean and Language Studies
  • Dr. J. Scott Harmon - Museum Director and History
  • Professor Mark J. Harper – Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Carl E. Wick, Weapons and Systems Engineering


Service Awards:

Superior Civilian Service:

  • Professor Mary C. Wintersgill, Physics

Meritorious Civilian Service:

  • Professor Elsa M. Bennett, Languages and Cultures
  • Professor Karen A. Flack, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Professor Stephen M. Graham, Mechanical Engineering
  • Associate Professor Mark B. McWilliams, English
  • Professor Angela L. Moran, Mechanical Engineering

Twenty-Year Service Awards:       

  • Professor Oscar Barton, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Karen A. Flack, Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Clementine K. Fujimura, Languages and Cultures
  • Professor Judith A. Harrison, Chemistry
  • Associate Professor Roy E. McClean, Chemistry
  • Professor Angela L. Moran, Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Sarah E. Mouring, Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
  • Professor Colin P. Ratcliffe, Mechanical Engineering
  • Associate Professor Louiza Sellami, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Forty-Year Service Award:

  • Professor Rae Jean Goodman, Faculty Enhancement Center
  • Professor James M. D’Archangelo, Jr., Mathematics
  • Professor Thomas J. Sanders, Mathematics

Forty-Five-Year Service Award:

  • Professor Charles J. Nolan, Jr, English


Excellence Awards:

The Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (In honor of Professor Theodore J. Benac):

  • Professor Elsa M. Bennett, Languages and Culture  

 Class of 1951 Military Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and William P. Clements Award for Excellence in Education:

  • Capt. Owen G. Thorpe, U.S. Navy, Engineering and Weapons

The Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • Capt. Aaron B. MacLean, U.S. Marine Corps, English

 The Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Research Excellence Award:

  • Professor Karen A. Flack, Mechanical Engineering

 The Superintendent's Civilian Faculty Service Excellence Award:

  • Professor Angela L. Moran, Mechanical Engineering

Superintendent's Distinguished Athletic Leadership Award for Coaching/Teaching Excellence:

  • Professor John C. Officer, Physical Education

Colleen S. Smiley-Owendoff Teaching Excellence Award: 

  • Lt. Bridget K. Seymour, Leadership, Ethics and Law 

 Capt. Frank M. Adams Junior Officer Leadership Award:

  • Lt. Matthew G. Farrell, U.S. Navy, 21st Company Officer

Raouf Ali Raouf Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineering:

  • Associate Professor Matthew G. Feemster, Weapons and Systems Engineering

Kinnear Fellows:

  • Associate Professor Amy H. Roy MacArthur, Chemistry
  • Associate Professor Jeffrey A. Larsen, Physics
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