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Naval Academy Receives Five-Star Accreditation

Posted on: May 09, 2013 08:00 EDT by MC2 Alexia Riveracorrea

The Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk recently awarded the Naval Academy’s Food Service Division its first five-star accreditation for maintaining the highest level of Navy food service quality.

The accreditation places the Naval Academy as one of the Navy’s top shore facilities, said Chief Warrant Officer John Lukeivic.

The Naval Academy Food Service Division produces approximately 13,500 meals each day to feed the 4,500 midshipmen in the brigade. The brigade eats together at set times each day, and those 4,500 meals have to be served in minutes.

Additionally, the food service team provisions yard patrol craft with food for 50 midshipman summer training evolutions in remote locations and caters more than 900 events each year with more than 40,000 guests.

With their active schedules, midshipmen  consume an average of 3,600 calories daily, including 1,100 gallons of beverages, 4,000 pounds of meat, 6,000 pounds of vegetables, 1,200 loaves of bread and 300 gallons of ice cream.

All of this is accomplished by a staff composed of 80 chefs, 75 servers and 20 military supply personnel.

“The volume of feeding here is equivalent to an aircraft carrier,” said Chief Warrant Officer Kathy Wiseman. “It’s fast paced. We have to get the food out very quickly, and the meal time is short, not like on a ship where the meal time is 24 hours a day.”

The five-star accreditation recognizes overall food service excellence in key areas including customer service, cleanliness, food preparation, administration, equipment safety, sanitation and waste disposal.

“Because the Naval Academy never played in this inspection before, we had to come up with a new checklist and guidelines,” said Lukeivic. “We recently completed a $47 million renovation, stood up the food court, and implemented new cooking techniques and services.”

The food management team from Fleet Logistics Center inspected everything from meal preparation, sanitation, day-to-day operations and records.

“Being the first time the Naval Academy was inspected for this qualification, this is a pretty amazing accomplishment,” said Lukeivic. “The military and civilian staff really focused and worked together to prepare for this. We do a phenomenal job, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

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