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Naval Academy Preps for Cyber Security Inspection

Posted on: May 22, 2013 08:00 EDT by Lt. Lauren Cole

What can you do?Beginning July 22, the Naval Academy will undergo a week-long cyber security inspection conducted by Fleet Cyber Command to assess the security of the academy’s network and cyber operations.

The cyber security inspection is aimed at ensuring the health and safety ­of the academy’s network and includes a detailed evaluation of the physical network, administrative practices, user operational behavior and network defense practices and policies. This is the Naval Academy’s second inspection.

“Every user here will have the confidence they can use this network without fear,” said Lou Giannotti, the Naval Academy’s deputy for information technology services.

The Information Technology Services department is addressing the majority of the CSI requirements, but network users still play an extremely important role.

“We take care of most of it,” said Giannotti. “Our users just need to comply with the rules and good business practices.”

Giannotti encourages network users to review and comply with the user/acceptable use policy, avoid using USBs and removable flash media, disable cookies from your browser and reboot your system at least weekly. 

Though the CSI is aimed at inspecting the entire USNA network, the inspection will help ensure protection of individuals’ personally identifiable information and intellectual property on their computers.  Following these simple steps will help ensure not only a successful inspection, but the health and security of your computer and the information on it.

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